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Unfortunately, the Kolbrin Bible has no authority beyond that claimed by its original publishers. On the Web there is no reference to “The Kolbrin” or “The. The Kolbrin Bible is a 2-part, book secular anthology. The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following . The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic These predications are contained in The Kolbrin Bible. WATCH FOR FREE.

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The land masses were re-established in stability and solidity, standing firm in the midst of the surrounding waters. Now, because of her frailty, the woman was pliable in his hands and Lewid seized the opportunity. Then there is the Realm of the Misty Horizon, the intermediate place, the place of spirits, where those above can commune with those below and where free spirits fre within their limitations”.

It is the same tree which can be read as men read a book. Man makes gods by naming them, but where in this is the benefit to him? Any one is nits to believe. One difficulty has been the fact that the guardians of the Kolbrin have never been literary folk but fre craftsmen and people far removed from the scholastic and even commercial world. The older you get you come to understand that even accepted Science is constantly tweaked dree yes, even overturned.

Now within the Universal Womb was heat, substance and life, and encompassing it was the Word which is the Law.

The Kolbrin (PDFy mirror) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Now, God enlightened Fanvar concerning the woman, saying, “This woman was drawn from her compatible abode in a realm of beauty through the yearning aspirations of men. The people will scatter in madness. This is known because those who were with Dadam came out of the barren places and learned the ways of builders, becoming great among the Ubalites and raising cities along the rivers. The phraseology may be cumbersome and even ungrammatical, because of the manner in which the biblical form of English has been modernized by one who has no scholarly pretensions whatsoever.

They rejected the Unseen God behind all things for something which they had seen and known by its manifestation. Have you altered so little from those who live and laugh today, with no thought turned towards the future?


This year old wisdom text warns u Actually, this book contains nothing not already known, for mankind has never been without guidance. There, too, was the Great Tree of Wisdom bearing the fruits of knowledge granting the choice and ability to know the true from the false. Did he not find life good?

Armena also married among the Sons of God and brought forth a son who was called Belenki and daughters called Ananua and Mameta.

The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. The golden treasures hoarded by kings? Full text of ” The Kolbrin Bible. They fled to caves and were buried and, taking refuge in trees, they were hung.

Ananua knew the making of pots and things of clay and Mameta the taming of beasts and birds. Rfee article has actually peaks my interest. In those days men fought with hand-thrown spears and clubs, with flung stones and sticks sharpened by fire and weighted, but they did not close in the battle clash.

It was fertile, having many rivers and marshes. Now, some days later Idalvar and his retinue, accompanied by Herthew and Habaris, went to the gathering place for folkfeasts, some five days journey away.

So while his workmen drew bright blades from the thunderstones, Habaris taught Herthew and his battlebrothers, and these were the things they learned from his mouth.

Even among mortal beings, who is there that could find satisfactory fiilfillment in self-love? From the Book of the Hopi to the ancient Sanskrit texts, or the any of the OOPARTS out of place artifacts modern academia ignores, such alternative flags should serve as a valuable introduction to thought in any degree in the Humanities or Social sciences. Could we leave you the knowledge enabling you to live a life without toil, surrounded by every luxury and pleasure; a magic stone granting every desire, an all healing potion, the ability to fly or know all things on Earth, would any of these satisfy the desires of your heart and fulfil your dreams?

So when Idalvar saw the battleblade of Herthew, he wondered and it passed his understanding; but when he saw Herthew close on the battleline and the foeman fall before him, he was amazed.

These things we know about you, these things must be or you would not exist. Since then the various books of the Kolbrin have suffered many vicissitudes and what remains is only part of the original. So Lewid went to the Moonmother, wise woman of the Yoslings, and telling of his desires beseeched her to help him.


This Gwidon did, telling him that she was his fatemate, one destined to be his wife; that she was indeed a true maiden and he would not be foreridden. He is the intangible knowing the tangible.

If so, this will remain unread, for to you it would be a wilderness of words serving no purpose. What is given here was never intended for multiple or commercial circulation, and there are valid reasons derived from experience biblr this should be so.

When it was done he sat himself down beneath a great tree, for he was wounded and blood gushed out from his side and gathered thickly beside him.

The Kolbrin Bible []

But what Gwidon told Herthew was no more than a grain in the grainsack among all that which he knew and saw. Opening the iTunes Store. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern.

Buble saw sunrise and the sunsetting in their splendour, but longed for things not realisable in the place where he lived. Weary and close to death because of the privations he suffered, he could just reach the refreshing waters from which he drank deeply, and filled with exhaustion he slept.

The Kolbrin – An Ancient Book

Therefore, when he had grown strong again he made her Queen of The Gardenland, and she was so called even by our fathers who named her Gulah, but Fanvar called her Aruah, meaning helpmate. Everything was p repared, everything was ready, and now Earth awaited the coming of man. From what is known, the name ‘Kolbrin’ was originally applied to a collection of manuscripts which were salvaged from Glastonbury Abbey at the time of its burning.

When the DNA of Bigfoot perhaps the very same Hairymen of the Bible painstakingly chiseled into Christian medieval cathedrals of Europe is refused academic peer review?

The vwath of the sky-monster was loosed in the Heavens. How many generations have passed without progress?