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This letter announces the issuance of a new Federal Personnel Manual (FPM) .. (See FPM supplement , subchapter 24, for information on when an. In § , paragraph (b)(3) is amended by removing “FPM Supplement 31” and by adding “the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping” in. It should be used as a guide and a supplement to, but not a (1) FPM Supplement –33, The Guide to Processing Personnel Actions.

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See FPM chapter New or changed tour of duty. Subjects Personnel records — United States — Handbooks, manuals, etc. If the part- time employee works during his or her scheduled hours on a holiday, the emp- ployee is entitled to holiday premium pay only for those hours scheduled.

United States — Officials and employees — Handbooks, manuals, etc. However, seasonal employment should not be used as a substitute for full-time employment. A special employment agreement must be executed between the agency and the on-call employee at the time of appointment.

On-call employment is designed to provide management with a trained cadre of permanent employees who can supplement the full-time work force during periods of above average workload. Attachment to FPM Letter 15 – the minimum and maximum period the employee will be expected to work; – the basis on which release and recall will be effected. It is also possible to have “split-level” job sharing in which one job sharer performs duties classified at a higher grade level than the duties performed by the other employee sharing the position.

This does not apply to a part-time flexible employee of the Postal Service. Vols for issued by: When an agency schedules an intermittent employee, in advance of the pay period, to work at some time during each administrative week for more than two consecutive pay periods, the agency is required to change the employee’s work schedule from i ntermittent to part time or full time in the case of a 40 hour per week schedule and to issue an SF fpnNotification of Personnel Action, documenting the change.

  LEY 126-01 PDF

A seasonal employee earns leave during the time in pay status and during up to 80 hours in nonpay status each year. Three groups of part-time employees are excepted by statute from the requirement for prorating and receive the full Government contribution wupplement health insurance premiums: A change must be made in advance of the administrative workweek in which the change is to occur and must be approved by an authorizing official.

This does not preclude permitting a full-time employee to voluntarily change to a part-time schedule.

Federal personnel manual system

Federal personnel manual system. An employee with concurrent part-time appoint- ments is entitled to life insurance on the basis of the sum of the annual salaries for the positions.

Attachment to FPM Letter 21 Note that this is 22 days in the aggregate — not each time an employee is placed in a nonpay status. Selections may be made from any appropriate source including voluntary conversion from year-round employment, transfer, reinstatement, reemployment priority list, or competitive registers estab- lished by 0PM or the agency under delegated examining authority. At the same time, however, the special authority for release of on-call employees at the end of peak workload periods is not intended to be a substitute for fp actions or reduction-in-force procedures, when the use of these procedures would be otherwise appropriate.

Attachment to FPM Letter 14 d.

Federal personnel manual system

Record Information Source Institution: I Employees who are on leave with pay pending separation by either disability or optional retirement are to be counted as-a separation only when eventually separated by d: Handbooks and manuals Handbooks, manuals, etc Material Type: An agency is authorized by 5 U.

Administration of agency part-time employment programs. The grade level of a position is determined by the level of difficulty of work; an employee’s work schedule should have no effect on supplemeent proper classification of a position.


Identify the annual agen- cywide goal set for establishing or converting additional part-time positions and the percentage of the goal achieved as of the end of the reporting period. You may have already requested this item.

The guide to processing personnel actions. (Continually updated resource, ) []

Certain authorized exceptions to this schedule requirement are described in section This will allow the agency to return the employee to intermittent status at the conclusion of the scheduled work assignment without the use of reduction-i n-force procedures. An on-call employee serving in a Federal Supplementt System position receives credit for within-grade increases for up to 1 workweek in nonpay status for step 2, up to 3 workweeks for step 3, and up to 4 workweeks for steps 4 and 5.

An appointment may be made from any appropriate source, including transfer, reinstatement, reemployment priority list, or a competitive register estab- lished by fp, or the agency under delegated examining authority. This should help prevent misunderstandings as well as promote discussion and analysis of the most efficient way of accomplishing work.

Under certain conditions, however, an agency is authorized to permit 2966-33 employee to exceed the hour limitation as provided for in 5 CFR The information in this section applies only to a seasonal spplement with a full-time or part-time work schedule? This new chapter is intended to give agencies greater flexibility to manage their work force while assuring employees equitable treatment.

If an agency must reduce the number of weeks a seasonal employee works below the minimum specified in the employment agreement, i.