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Information about symptoms and treatments for Pyometra in cats- from Tri County Animal Hospital, Wayne, Bergen County NJ. Pyometra is a bacterial infection that occurs in the uterus of a cat. – Wag!. Feline Pyometra. Pyometra is a bacterial infection of the uterus. The uterine lining gets thick, and then infected by bacteria and filled with pus. Bacteria from the.

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If Derpy is not on any pain medications, it is definitely indicated after a surgery like that. Her energy is normal despite that she’s always been super lazy so its hard to tell if this is fatigue caused by anything but she is still interested in playing with her toys and is still following me around like usual and her appetite is normal.

But she is mostly just laying on her side. How do you know when it’s time? Has Symptoms Vaginal Discharge. All i can do is watch her that breaks my heart.

Regardless of cost, you need to visit your Veterinarian for antibiotics and supportive care at a minimum; if you are worried about cost call your local Charity Clinic to see if they can help in return for a modest donation. When i look at her poo tub, i saw pus and really pyometta stinks. Causes of Pyometra in Cats. Was this experience helpful? She is showing symptoms of being in pain again and sleeping a lot and seems uncomfortable. Pyometda got a cat just two months ago and I just don’t know how old is she.


I do not want to take a chance, but how do I know. Add a comment to Rin’s experience.

Did you make the operation? And was so weak she had trouble walking. Related Health Articles Caraway Poisoning.

Pyometra in Cats

Medication Used Antibiotic against Fever. Last night, there is a yellowish white fluid or i think it is a pus since it has a bad smell discharged from the vulva of my cat. I am certain some level of pain is to be anticipated but what should I watch out for? Add a comment to Tommie Tigerino’s experience.

Infections occur in sexually intact female cats after they have been in heat.

A vaginal exam may also be performed so the vet can check the area for abnormalities. Why is this pyometra? Side Felone Of Anxiety Medications. She finished her antibiotics and is relatively normal except today I noticed some mucusy discharge from her vagina. She said they “might” be failing.

If your cat is needed for breeding purposes, the vet may be able to offer an alternative treatment to spaying. My sweet Rin had surgery for pyometra about a month ago. Will my cat can survive? If your cat went through surgery, keep her as clean as possible so no bacteria makes its way into the incision.


Pyometra in Cats | Symptoms, Treatments and Information

The vet will then be able to culture the bacteria pometra determine which antibiotics should be administered. She’s sleeping in weird places for herbehind the sofa, under pyomerta toilet bowl etc. Add a comment to Daria’s experience. Cats may experience side effects from this treatment, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Has Symptoms Laying down in abnormal position. I had bring my cat yesterday to the vet and he gave her 2 injections of Antibiotic against Fever,but he didn’t make any analysis.

I have a appointment set to get her spayed in 8 days.

Add a comment to KitKat’s experience. Add a comment to Diamond ‘s experience. My 11 year old unspayed kitten has yellow puss coming from her vaginal area.

I called a million vets and of course since it Sunday none are available to see my cat or only do procedures in Tuesday’s or Wednesday etc etc.