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Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison is the fifth and final installment in The New York Times bestselling Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. After centuries of. If he gets the other two, he will open the demon prison and attempt to control he Graulus destroys the pact in Fablehaven and goes to Living Mirage where he. Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull – Since ancient times, the great demon prison Zzyzx has protected the world from the (Book #5 of Fablehaven).

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Keys to the Demon Prison | Fablehaven Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

On the run for his life, Jake is plunged headlong into a mysterious world full of magic and deadly peril. I kind of saw him as Mull’s way of apologizing to all those Gavin fans who were upset when Gavin turned out to be evil rather randomly I might add in the last book.

When one door opens, two boys tumble through Bracken is stuck in human form due to him giving up his horn to make the Font of Immortality. After evacuating her world, the Fairy Queen traps the demons into her world, and makes Zzyzx her new home.

For centuries, mystical creatures of all description were gathered to a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction. Meanwhile, the Sphinx has been betrayed and so he begins to work against Nagi Luna and Graulus to prevent the demon prison from being opened.

Nov 05, Erica daydreamer rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Even postponing or fab,ehaven a decision can become a choice that carries heavy consequences.

I finished the book seven hours later, having read the entire thing straight through, because as it turned out, there are no stopping points. I did not want this to end. Graulus destroys the pact in Fablehaven and goes to Living Mirage where he releases Nagi Luna a demon the Sphinx was using to work the Occulus.

Ah, where do I begin? Seth befriends Bracken, a unicorn with no horn. Or better yet, for us students, borrow from a friend — this is a series worth discussing with buddies. Books by Brandon Mull.


This article possibly contains original research. Despite the amazing things she has done, she still seems like a little girl to me, a little girl that is too afraid to jump off the high dive.

‘Keys to the Demon Prison’ is impressive end to Fablehaven series

Fablehaven is no cop-out. But really that’s all he appeared to be.

Lets face it, natural boy curiosity ; if one of my brothers had the same choices, they would do the same thing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The ending was pretty perfect in my opinion. It would be smart to start a completely different series if he I had to stay up until 4 A.

Throughout the series, this attribute, combined with her pure intentions, have won the day several times over.

They are welcomed by the caretaker Laura and the twins Camira and Berrigan. That spirit – the desire to help their friends, the desire to free their families and the deep longing to save the world despite the chances of death being nearly a percent – propelled them and enabled them to do the crazy things that they did. That death would be more meaningful.

I did enjoy exploring the first dungeon, but demmon I realized that running through dangerous areas was all the book was about, keyx interest took a nose dive. In it are instructions to use the Chronometer to peison back to his time and discuss what they must do.

She is immensely powerful and is respected by all creatures of light. For the record, I’m the publisher. I was instantly hooked from the start of Chapter 1 to the end of Chapter They are sealed inside. Most of the time I was just like The Sphinx’s history is revealed! After a success on the battlefield, Kendra, Seth, and all creatures of Light must wait to see whether Bracken’s plan would work and vemon the world would live to see a dawning of a new age of security, when Kendra can finally find peace and joy and reclaim a life even better than the one that was stolen from her.


The first book in this enthralling new series by Angie Sage leads listeners on a fantastic journey filled with quirky characters and magykal charms, potions, and spells. I think the major problem with this book was that Mull was trying to make you feel priison terrible the bad guys are, how terrifying, how threatening by killing off character that we don’t care about at all.

I personally didn’t enjoy it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But there were times when I kinda felt weary from his overly detailed descriptions. A mysterious figure gives Seth a sack containing the Translocater and the Sands of Sanctity.

Keys To The Demon Prison [fablehaven]

Clutter’s shop, Alex is swept away on an incredible adventure to a faraway land filled with heroic warriors, mysterious elves, and hard-working dwarves. Seth killing Nagi Luna and Graulus was no small feet but in a way believable because his extreme love for everyone else made his victory possible. I was rooting for him, cheering him on all the way. That’s never a good sign by the way. Seth agrees to ease his suffering.

Seth is taken to Living Mirage, the 5th and unknown secret preserver, where the Sphinx is the caretaker. Yes Any additional comments?

Keys To The Demon Prison [Fablehaven] – ProProfs Quiz

The Harry Fablehaaven books are perfect in every way and the characters paid a steep keyd to get their happy ending. I love the astrids! After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: When exposed as a traitor working for the Society of the Evening Star, he ran to secrecy and began to plot and kill even more than he had before.

The Characters are fun and very likable. Using the translocator, Kendra rescues Warren from the magical knapsack.