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Everlost is a fantasy book published in by the young adult author Neal Shusterman. The story is the first in the Skinjacker trilogy that takes place in Everlost. Everlost by Neal Shusterman – Nick and Allie don’t survive the car accident, but their souls don’t exactly get where they’re supposed to go either. Instead. Shusterman’s (Full Tilt) enigmatic novel imagines a purgatory where only children go, with its own vocabulary and body of literature plus a.

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As the teens struggle to make sense of this alternate afterlife, they also grow and develop as people. Lists with This Book. Retrieved from ” https: If this is what being stuck in a limbo would be, I don’t see how it is better than hell.

After a car accident, teens Allie newl Nick awaken days later in Everlost.

Everlost | Neal Shusterman

More books from this author: Nick, a pessimistic fourteen-year-old, knows these ideas very well, but he never had an opinion of his own. Really, it was sluggish and slow for the first pages. It deals with afterlife specifically, the limbo between life and death and kids behaving badly when left on their own. Neal Shusterman everlowt created a never-before-seen world that includes adventure and fantasy.

More By and About This Author. Plus d’images de France. The father of four children, Neal lives in California. I was also a bit surprised by what happens to Leif, but it definitely makes sense and I’m glad it happened.

Eveflost because a rule works in one place certainly doesn’t mean that it stand in a completely different realm. evelost


Kids who are struggling with the place they find themselves at. Sometimes a spot is massive, such as the entire city of Atlanta seen in the second in the Skinjacker tril I swear on my dog’s life that Neal Shusterman’s Everlost is pure awesomeness. The whole premise of this book is about children dying, and the world the “There’s no easy way to tell new arrivals to Everlost that, technically, they are no longer alive. A quirky sense of humor pervades, which helps to lighten what would otherwise be a disturbing concept.


Lief and Nick are both trapped inside of barrels shusterma with pickle brine. Jun 24, Twila rated it really liked it Shelves: What happens when we die? Refresh and try again.

They settle down, but Allie is not content. I was completely surprised by the twist of him being Mary’s brother but I absolutely love it!! View all 3 comments. He believed that he was meant to give the new-coming souls the knowledge to make the choice–that every person could choose, not just one.

The lost kiddos have to remind themselves constantly of themselves. It still terrifies the wits out of me to think about for too long, but after that I couldn’t pick this up for several weeks. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Allie’s flight from Mary’s kingdom of “perfect routines,” and her attempt to rescue Nick and Lief from a six-year-old spectral gangster lead her into a conflict with the monstrous McGill with “sharp, three-fingered talons for hands, Everlost is about being in a state of limbo.

Neal Shusterman is a very creative a This book is shussterman Allie shustterman Nick journey through the everkost of everlost. I liked the excerpts that were written at the ends of each chapter. I’ll probably finish the trilogy, but it’s not a huge priority right now.

Shusterman described syusterman Everlost like it was real.

Everlost Neal Shusterman, Author. There are parts of the book that are terrifying, even though these kids can no longer nexl physically hurt. Even those who claim to be experts in the world take refuge and hide out in their own safe haven; avoiding the dangers that lurk in Everlost.


I will definitely read up the following books in the skinjacker series as I am curious in reading their new adventures. I saw reviews stating that this book is far too similar to some other YA books.

Now, I had a friendly argument with another person who I was reading this with Everlost was a buddy read with other peoplebut one of the problems I had was the narrator. Sometimes a spot is massive, such as the entire city of Atlanta seen in the second in the Skinjacker trilogy, Everwild. The shusterkan and most interesting character was a minor antagonist called the McGill.

Nick even dies with chocolate on his face.

I kind of thought he would just disappear and reemerge sometime in the next book, so it’ll be interesting to see what role he plays in the next one. The crafty little devil blames me for all his farts, from silent but deadly to the musical variety.

Any religious or scientific quarrels are neatly circumvented, as reaching the afterlife beyond Everlost is simply referred to as “getting where you’re going. Nick almost immediately fell in love with her; Allie considered most of the things she said malarkey.

It didn’t turn out to be a very good idea. Aug 22, Bridget rated it liked it. It got distracting and I often had to set the book aside in favor of something that wouldn’t leave me shaking. Through their adventure in Everlost they come across other everlosf, as well as monsters, haunters and all things slightly bizarre.