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La endotropia es el tipo de estrabismo más frecuente en retraso psicomotor. La variabilidad de la magnitud de desviación es una característica del estrabismo. 7. Wattiez R, Casanova FH, Cunha RN, Mendonça TS. Correção de estrabismo paralítico por injeção de toxina botulínica. Arq Bras Oftalmol. ;63(1) El estrabismo previo a la extracción de la catarata se observó en 12 casos, ocho con endotropía (ET) y cuatro con exotropía (XT). El estrabismo.

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Update in Cochrane Database Syst Rev.

Esotropia in infants less than 20 weeks old frequently resolves spontaneously, especially when the misalignment is intermittent and estrabidmo in magnitude. The role of botulinum toxin A in acute-onset esotropia. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Tang X, Wan X. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. The best results occur when there is fusion, providing a more stable alignment 3.

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As the drug acts on nerve endings, not all muscle fibres of the motor unit lose their function concurrently. Souza-Dias C, Goldchmit M.

When a statistically-significant difference was found, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used to identify which time points differed among themselves. The effect is also related to the patient’s age. BTA was administered to children with esotropia under 50 PD and alternating fixation and adults with sixth nerve palsy starting less than a year earlier and good visual acuity.


We used bilateral administration of 2. Results of late surgery for presumed congenital cataracts. Stereopsis after congenital cataract. High levels of binocular function are achievable after removal of monocular cataracts in children before 8 years endoropia age. Its action is gradual and continuous, starting after approximately three days 6,7.

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Botulinum endotropiw injection of eye muscles to correct strabismus. Treatment modalities used to realign the eyes include spectacles sometimes with prism or bifocalstrabismus surgery eye muscle surgeryand botulinum toxin less frequently utilized. Although the outcomes of surgery are more predictable and stable than BTA, surgery involves cuts, sutures, longer hospital stays, and medical leave from school or work 5,7,8. The causes of sixth nerve impairment were: Patients endotroia underwent surgery, except for the patient with paresis since their esotropia had decreased to 6 PD and the patient was satisfied with the outcome.

During this period, alignment of the visual axes may occur, allowing binocular vision. Alan Scott 6 reports that alcohol was initially used to produce muscle weakness, while other researchers used various drugs such as neurotoxins and anaesthetics, but with inadequate effects.

Among the different types of paralytic strabismus, sixth nerve palsy is the most frequent, followed by fourth and third nerve palsy.

Esotropia — AAPOS

Botulinum endotropi therapy of eye muscle disorders. The main advantage of BTA over surgery is administration under topical anaesthesia in adult patients or sedation in children, with little risk, lower cost, and no scars. Visual and sensory results of surgical treatment of cataract in children. These factors account for the better outcomes found in children.


Factors influencing success and dose-effect relation of botulinum A treatment. Most studies on the subject consist of retrospective series using two types of BTA: Professional Membership Log-In Fill in your username and password and select an action.

In our study the maximum number of applications was two, when the patient or guardian opted for a second application. Therefore, the results of our study may have been influenced by the low administered dose, and higher doses might produce better results 18, Strabismus surgery was not required in most of the cases.

Ocular misalignment, if detected, enditropia quantified. In the absence of calcium there is no presynaptic release of acetylcholine; consequently, muscle fibres do not contract.

Strabismus secondary to congenital cataracts occurred in a significant number of patients and increased after cataract extraction. Strabismus was present before cataract surgery was performed in 12 cases, 8 with endortopia ET and 4 with exotropia XT.

Estrabismo y cataratas congénitas

After three months of follow-up, surgery or readministration estraismo indicated to two children whose first application produced little or no effect. Botulinum toxin was injected as the only treatment in 1 patient, strabismus surgery was performed in 4, and strabismus surgery and botulinum toxin were used in another case.

Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc.