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SQL is the industry standard language for accessing and updating database data and ESQL is a language derived from SQL Version 3, particularly suited to. Use ESQL statements and functions to read from, write to, and modify databases from your message flows. Customize processing implemented by the Compute, Database, DatabaseInput, and Filter nodes in your message flows by coding ESQL.

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Propagates a message to the downstream nodes within the message flow. Hi, May I know which is the best way to create modules in esql? Alternatively, you can declare multiple variables of the same data type within a single ESQL statement rather than in multiple statements.

Top 3 hidden treasures (in ESQL) – IBM Integration

Attaches a portion of a message tree into a new position in the message hierarchy. It is more efficient to determine the size of the array before the WHILE loop unless it changes in the loop so that it is evaluated only once; for example: This is used by an error handler, when it cannot handle an exception, to give an error handler in higher scope the opportunity of handling the exception.

SET statement Evaluates a source expression, and assigns the result to the target entity. The following topics provide more information about these and other tasks that you can perform with ESQL.


In terms of memory management and performance, which one would be the best? Writes a record to the event or user trace log.

The following example shows the ESQL that can be used to reduce the number of navigations when creating new output message tree fields:. The following example shows repeating fields being accessed in an input message tree: This is particularly true with large arrays because the loop is repeated more frequently. Evaluates a condition expression, and if it is TRUE executes a sequence of statements.

ESQL code tips

Everything described below has kbm part of IIB for some time. Detaches a portion of a message tree without deleting it. ESQL reference variables About this task. By avoiding the use of array subscripts wherever possible, you can improve the performance of your ESQL code. Deletes rows from a table in an external database based on a search condition.

Unless otherwise stated, these guidelines apply to messages in all message domains except the BLOB domain, for which you can implement a esal set of actions.

You can use the Mapping node to customize the processing visually. However, it is expensive in terms of CPU use, because it involves the statement being run twice.

ESQL reference

Creates a module a named container associated with a node. A few other input messages are used to show ESQL that provides function on messages with a structure or content that is not included in the Invoice or Video samples.

Reduce the number of DECLARE statements and therefore the performance cost by declaring a variable and setting its initial value within a single statement.


Processes a sequence of statements repeatedly and unconditionally. Array subscripts [ ] are expensive in terms of performance because of the way in which subscript is evaluated dynamically at run time. Iterates through a list for example, ivm message array. Some saying creating all the modules realted one application in esql file is better and some saying splitting is the bestway.

Some of the built-in nodes enable you to customize the processing that they provide. Statement type Description Basic statements: Declares one or more variables that can be used to store temporary values.

When you write your ESQL code, you can use several techniques to improve the performance of your message flows. The ComputeDatabaseDatabaseInputand Filter nodes require you to provide a minimum level of ESQL, and you can provide much more than the minimum to eeql precisely the behavior of each node. Unless stated otherwise, the principals illustrated are the same for all message domains.

Where possible, also avoid executing the same concatenations repeatedly, by storing intermediate results in variables. This statement is effective when the price is and the company is IBM.

Processes a sequence of statements, then evaluates a condition expression.