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Congress of the Philippines Eleventh Congress Third Regular Session REPUBLIC ACT NO AN ACT ORDAINING REFORMS IN THE ELECTRIC POWER. RA The Electric Power Industry Reform Act of AN ACT ORDAINING REFORMS IN Click photo for full PDF Report. EPIRA Pager. Home; Resources; Position Papers; RA – Amending the Electric Power Supply Industry Reform Act of (EPIRA).

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The question of whether a law abolishes an office is a question of legislative intent.

The following year, Act No. Where there is no occupant, there is no tenure to speak of.

RA : The Electric Power Industry Reform Act of ‹ Naujan

There should not be any controversy if there is an explicit declaration of abolition in the law itself. ProvidedThat the ERC shall have authority to require electricity suppliers to furnish a bond or other evidence of the ability of a supplier to withstand market disturbances or other events that may increase the cost of providing service.

Butalidand Mary Anne B. The ERC shall determine such form of rate-setting methodology, which shall promote efficiency. The petition has no merit. All amended contracts shall be submitted to the Joint Congressional Power Commission for approval.

Evidences of bad elira are enumerated in Section 2 of Republic Act No. A public office is created by the Constitution or by law or by an officer or tribunal to which the power to create the office has been delegated by the legislature.


Provided, Thatif upon the effectivity of this Act, the Commission has not been constituted and the new staffing pattern and plantilla positions have not been approved and filled-up, the current Board and existing personnel of ERB shall continue to hold office. New controlling stockholders shall undertake such listing within five 5 years from the time they acquire 913 and control. Provided, furtherThat the funds and appropriations as well as the records, equipment, property and all personnel of the reorganized Board of Energy shall be transferred to the 913 Regulatory Board.

Provided, furtherThat the ERC shall exert efforts to minimize price shocks in order to protect the consumers. After almost four decades, significant developments in the energy sector changed the landscape of economic regulation in the country. Agpalo, Philippine Administrative Law epra Work is being done to make the system fully compliant with this level.

No officer or employee in dpira career service shall be removed except for a valid cause and after due notice and hearing. The ERC shall, within sixty 60 days upon receipt of such plan, evaluate the same and notify the distribution utility concerned of its action.

Position Papers

Unbundling of Rates and Functions. The rates must be such as to allow the recovery of just and reasonable costs and a reasonable return on rate base RORB to enable the entity to operate viably.


The law ordains the division of the industry into four 4 distinct sectors, namely: The ERC hired an independent consultant to administer the necessary tests for the technical and managerial levels.

Retail Competition and Open Access. Within three 3 months from the creation of the ERC, the Chairman shall submit for the approval of the President of the Philippines the new organizational structure and plantilla positions necessary to carry out the powers and functions of the ERC.

The ERC shall verify the reasonable amounts and determine the manner and duration for the full recovery of stranded debt and stranded contract costs rs defined herein x x x x. raa

Shortcut for FAQ page. The Commissioners assumed rs on 15 August The pertinent portions of Section 38 read: The rates prescribed shall be non-discriminatory. All notices of hearings to be conducted by the ERC for the purpose of fixing rates or fees shall be published at least twice for two successive weeks in two 2 newspapers of nationwide circulation.

Republic Act No. | DOE | Department of Energy Portal

Rw for contact page or form inquiries. To justify the nullification of a law, there must be a clear and unequivocal breach of the Constitution. The EPIRA organized the industry into four 4 sectors, generation, transmission, distribution and supply.