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Take into consideration the final time you completed one thing by yourself.

It may be an exquisite feeling, proper? Realizing you’re sturdy and impartial sufficient to get one thing achieved?

Working with others is incredible, too, after all. However in in the present day’s story, we’ll meet a girl who learns that self-reliance could be very candy, certainly.

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As we speak, our story is named “A Style of Honey.” Variations of this folktale initially come from Pakistan and India, in South Asia.

Some actually nice individuals got here collectively to carry you our story, together with Hannah Simone. Grown-ups, you may know Hannah from her seven seasons on the Fox comedy, “New Lady.” And particular deal with… you’ll get to listen to Hannah’s father, creator Naren Simone, on this story, too! Actors featured on this episode embrace Elle Borders, Evan Casey, Maurice Father or mother, Lynette Rathnam, Anne Undeland, Craig Wallace, Thom Whaley, Jacob Yeh.  This episode was tailored for Circle Spherical by Rebecca Sheir and edited by Jessica Alpert.  Unique music and sound design by Eric Shimelonis.

Naren Simone is the creator of quite a few books, together with “Pink Balcony Silver Moon” and “Desert Track.” And Hannah Simone starred for seven seasons on the Fox comedy, “New Lady.”

ADULTS! Print THIS OUT so everybody can shade whereas listening. We’re additionally protecting an album so share your image on Fb, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, and tag it with #CircleRound. We might like to see it! To entry all of the coloring pages for previous episodes click on HERE. Our resident artist is Sabina Hahn and you may study extra about her HERE.

Issues To Assume About After Listening

Take into consideration a time you relied on your self and used your smarts to unravel an issue.

Maybe you found out a homework query all by yourself. Otherwise you mounted a damaged toy. Perhaps you got here up with an answer for a good friend or member of the family who was scuffling with one thing.

No matter it was, seize some paper and one thing to attract with and make an image of the way you felt after you solved that downside. We guess you’ll have an enormous smile in your face!

Musical Highlight: Sitar

(Courtesy of Eric Shimelonis)
(Courtesy of Eric Shimelonis)

The sitar is featured all through this episode.  A stringed instrument from India, it has a gourd-shaped physique and, like a guitar, it has an extended hole neck with frets: raised strips you place your fingers on to play completely different notes. The sitar can have as much as 21 strings. The participant plucks six or seven of those strings; the remainder are there simply to vibrate. All of those options give the sitar a notable vibration-rich sound which, applicable to our story, can sound just like the buzzing of bees!

Story Transcript
NARRATOR: As soon as upon a time… in a village within the countryside… lived a girl who made probably the most scrumptious honey you’ve ever tasted.

Her title… was Kamala.

Kamala stored three beehives in her tiny yard. She collected the honey from the hives, and offered it on the market.

Everybody on the town raved about how candy and golden Kamala’s honey was… and but in some way she couldn’t promote sufficient to make ends meet. She lived in a modest cottage along with her father, and as he bought older, he trusted his daughter an increasing number of. So with enterprise so gradual, Kamala feared that… quickly… she wouldn’t be capable to help both of them.

Then someday… Kamala heard the king’s son was getting married… and everybody within the village was invited to the celebration!

Now, it simply so occurred that Kamala had not too long ago offered a jar of her candy, golden honey to one of many king’s advisors. The advisor reported again that his Royal Majesty… beloved it.

All of the sudden, Kamala knew what she would do.

KAMALA: I’ll go to the marriage reception and ask the king for a favor. Everyone is aware of it’s unhealthy luck to refuse a request at a marriage!

NARRATOR: On the reception, Kamala stood in an extended, lengthy line of individuals, all ready to speak with the king. By the point she reached the entrance, the celebration was practically over… and ‘His Excellency’ appeared somewhat… grumpy.

KING:  Sure…?

KAMALA:  Oh, Your Highness. That is such an honor! Look. You don’t know me, however –

KING:  No. I don’t know you.

NARRATOR: Kamala gulped, then flashed her warmest smile.

KAMALA: Like I mentioned, you don’t know me. However considered one of your advisors purchased my honey a couple of weeks in the past, and I hear you actually loved it! Lots of people do, it appears… however not sufficient. I dwell with my father, and he is dependent upon me, and I don’t know what’s going to occur if enterprise doesn’t decide up. (beat) So, I’m questioning if possibly, simply possibly, you would assist me out…?

NARRATOR: The king narrowed his eyes.

KING: Assist you out?

KAMALA: Nicely… sure!

KING: Hmmmm. They do say it’s unhealthy luck to refuse a request at a marriage… and I do wish to get all this partying over with and simply go to mattress. (beat) So… I inform you what. I personal some land on the fringe of city, and I’ve completely no use for it. For those who plant it, and promote the harvest, I’ll allow you to maintain half of the gold cash you make.

NARRATOR: Kamala quivered with pleasure.

KAMALA: Sure! Sure, please! Thanks, Your Majesty. Thanks!

KING: You’re welcome. Now, transfer alongside. (sigh) (trying down the road of individuals) Subsequent!

NARRATOR: The following morning, Kamala and her father journeyed to the sting of city, to take a look at the king’s land.

Kamala had heard this desolate space was fashionable with thieves and robbers. However she was so enthusiastic about her take care of the king, she had a smile on her face the entire journey… till… she and her father reached their vacation spot.

Then, Kamala’s face dropped.

KAMALA: Oh no…

NARRATOR: Stretched out earlier than Kamala and her father was a large number of filth. Sticks and weeds poked out of the clumpy brown earth, which clearly hadn’t been plowed in years.

FATHER:  My pricey, pricey daughter. I’m no farmer, however how on the planet are we going to plant something right here? We’d want a group of horses to plow this land!

KAMALA: I do know. And we by no means may afford that!

NARRATOR: Kamala thought for a second.

KAMALA: (to herself) Hmm. I attempted counting on the king to unravel my troubles, and clearly that wasn’t the reply. I’ll should provide you with one thing alone. However… what?!?

NARRATOR: Wanting round, Kamala noticed two lengthy sticks on the bottom. All of the sudden, she had an concept. She snatched up the sticks, and handed one to her father.

KAMALA: Right here, father. Take this. And do precisely what I do.

FATHER:  Um… okay…

NARRATOR: Kamala’s dad watched as Kamala put an anxious expression on her face.

So, he did, too.

Kamala glanced nervously over her shoulder.

So, he did, too.

Then Kamala started strolling across the discipline, poking on the floor along with her stick.

So… sure… he did, too.

FATHER: Um, Kamala? Can I ask what we’re doing?

KAMALA: (beneath her breath as they stroll) Belief me on this one, father. I’ve a plan.

NARRATOR: Now, keep in mind: Kamala had heard that thieves and robbers frolicked round these components. Certain sufficient, seven of these thieves and robbers had been hiding in a thicket close by. And… simply as Kamala hoped… her and her dad’s odd habits had caught the grasping thieves’ consideration.

THIEF 1: Guys! What’s occurring over there?

THIEF 2: These individuals have been strolling round that discipline for hours!

THIEF 3: …and poking the bottom with these sticks!

THIEF 4:  It’s fairly bizarre!

THIEF 5: It certain is!

THIEF 6: Hey, boss! What do you suppose?

NARRATOR: The chief of the thieves squinted to get a greater take a look at Kamala and her father.

HEAD THIEF: Hmmm. I can’t inform what’s occurring. (beat) However take a look at the best way they’re glancing over their shoulders. Perhaps they’ve one thing to cover… one thing helpful! Because the chief of this pack, I’ll go see what I can study.

NARRATOR: So, he caught his palms in his pockets and sauntered over to Kamala and her dad. Although he was burning with curiosity, he tried to behave informal.

HEAD THIEF:  Hey there, of us. I hope you don’t thoughts me asking, however… what’s with the sticks?

NARRATOR: Kamala glanced to the best and left, like she was checking to ensure no person else was listening. Then she leaned in, and appeared the chief of the thieves proper within the eye.

KAMALA:  If I inform you what we’re doing, do you promise you received’t inform a soul?

NARRATOR: The thief leaned in, too.

HEAD THIEF: I promise!

KAMALA:  Nicely, final evening I attended the king’s marriage ceremony banquet. His Royal Highness mentioned my father and I ought to plant this plot of land. (beat) However rumor has it… there’s gold in it!

NARRATOR: The thief’s eyes widened.


KAMALA: Sure! So we’ve been utilizing these sticks to dig for treasure. However we’re getting very drained, so we now have to move residence now. We’ll strive once more tomorrow.

NARRATOR: As quickly as Kamala and her father put down their sticks and walked away, the chief of the thieves rushed again to the thicket to share the information.

The seven thieves instantly sprung into motion. They grabbed some sticks and dug all day beneath the recent summer time solar, turning up each single inch of earth. However they didn’t discover any gold – not even one coin. So… sweaty and drained… they trudged again to their camp, to sleep.

The following day, Kamala returned to the plot of land, an enormous bag of seeds slung over her shoulder.

KAMALA: (happy as she appears round) Ahhh! Yesterday, this place was a large number of weeds and filth. Now, it appears prefer it’s been plowed seven instances over! Ha! Thanks, thieves!

NARRATOR: Kamala started strolling up and down the sphere, planting seeds within the neatly-plowed earth.

All of the sudden, she heard a voice behind her. It was the the chief of the thieves… joined by his six grasping companions.

HEAD THIEF: You! You instructed me there was gold hidden on this land!

NARRATOR: Kamala smiled sweetly.

KAMALA:  That’s what we heard!

HEAD THIEF: So that you lied, then!

KAMALA: Did I? Or is it you who lied? Look what number of associates you’ve introduced with you! Didn’t you promise you’d maintain my secret?

NARRATOR: The top thief gritted his tooth. His cheeks turned shiny crimson.

HEAD THIEF: Nicely… this isn’t the final you’ve heard from us! That gold ought to be ours… and will probably be!

NARRATOR: Then he turned on his heel and stomped away… the opposite six thieves following obediently behind.

KAMALA: Ohhhh, you’ll have your gold… simply not the sort you suppose!

NARRATOR: What do you suppose will occur subsequent? We’ll discover out… after a fast break.


NARRATOR: Welcome again to Circle Spherical. I’m Rebecca Sheir. As we speak our story is named “A Style of Honey.”

Once we left off, Kamala the beekeeper had accepted a proposal from the king.

He despatched her to a plot of land on the fringe of city, and instructed her if she planted it, and offered the harvest, she and her father may maintain half of the gold cash they made.

However the land was in determined want of plowing. So Kamala tricked seven thieves into plowing it for her. After they realized they’d been fooled, they vowed to get revenge.

All summer time lengthy, Kamala devoted herself to weeding and watering the king’s land. Come fall, her father helped her harvest the crops and take them to market. The fruit and veggies had been so bountiful and exquisite, everybody wished to purchase them!

Kamala and her father took the gold cash they made and break up them into two luggage. Her father took one of many luggage to the king. The opposite bag, Kamala introduced residence. She used a number of the gold to repay her money owed, then buried the remainder in her cottage’s entrance yard, beneath an apple tree.

However she suspected she wasn’t but completed with the seven thieves… or somewhat… they weren’t completed along with her.

That evening, as a full moon rose within the sky, Kamala glanced exterior her window. Certain sufficient, she noticed the seven thieves hiding behind the bushes close to the apple tree.

This was the second she’d been ready for. In an extra-loud voice, she referred to as out to her father.

KAMALA:  Oh, father! Are you able to imagine how a lot gold we introduced residence in the present day?

NARRATOR: Kamala’s dad knew precisely what his intelligent daughter was as much as.

FATHER: It’s positively wonderful, Kamala! I’ve by no means seen a lot gold in my total life! I hope you place it someplace protected…!

KAMALA: After all, I did! Do you’re taking me for a idiot? I’ve hung the gold in a bag, excessive up within the branches of the apple tree! No one will search for it there!

NARRATOR: Outdoors the cottage, the thieves chuckled quietly to themselves. As quickly because it appeared Kamala and her dad had turned in for the evening, the thieves tiptoed out from behind the bushes and appeared up on the apple tree.

The chief of the thieves jabbed his finger towards one of many high branches.

HEAD THIEF: Ha! There it’s, of us! The bag of gold! Because the chief of this pack… and the strongest… I’ll climb up there and produce it down.

NARRATOR: Now, by the sunshine of the moon, the top thief thought he noticed an enormous, cumbersome bag of gold. However as he quickly would study… it was one other sort of gold altogether.

Very quickly, he shimmied up the trunk of the tree, then climbed the branches to the very high. When he got here near what he thought was the bag of gold… he all of a sudden let loose… a yelp!


NARRATOR: You see, the bag… was truly considered one of Kamala’s beehives, dripping with golden honey! She’d hung the hive so excessive, the thieves hadn’t heard the buzz-buzz-buzzing of her bees… and now they had been buzz-buzz-buzzing all around the thieves’ chief!

HEAD THIEF: Oh! Ow! Eek!

NARRATOR: He started clapping his palms throughout his physique, attempting to guard himself from the bees. Within the course of, he smeared himself with honey, and desperately tried wiping it off.

However the view from the bottom was very completely different, and his fellow thieves thought he was doing one thing else totally.

THIEF 6: Hey! Is he…?

THIEF 5: …grabbing the gold and shoveling it into his pockets?!?

THIEF 4: It certain appears prefer it!

THIEF 3: Nicely, I by no means!

THIEF 2:  He’s stealing… from us!

THIEF 1: What a… thief!

NARRATOR: The chief overheard the thieves’ chatter under.

HEAD THIEF: No, no, no, of us! (Ow!) I swear! (Eek!) You’ve bought me all mistaken! (Yow!)

NARRATOR: However the different thieves weren’t satisfied. One after the other they clambered to the highest of the tree, intent on getting the gold. And one after the other they had been swarmed by Kamala’s bees!

THIEF 1 / THIEF 2 / THIEF 3 / THIEF 4 / THIEF 5 / THIEF 6 / HEAD THIEF: Ay! Ow! Oh! Yahhh!

NARRATOR: By the point the seventh thief bought to the highest, are you able to guess what occurred?

That’s proper! The department all seven thieves had been standing on broke with a snap, and each single considered one of them got here tumbling down… together with the beehive!

THIEF 1 / THIEF 2 / THIEF 3 / THIEF 4 / THIEF 5 / THIEF 6 / HEAD THIEF: (advert lib hoots and hollers as they get stung, run away)

NARRATOR: In the meantime, Kamala and her father weren’t asleep in any respect. They’d been unsleeping this complete time. As they watched from their window, they weren’t certain what was louder: the buzzing of the bees, or the hoots and hollers from the thieves as they stampeded away, dripping with gold.

Gold honey, that’s.

KAMALA: What did I inform you? You wished gold… and now you’ve bought it!

NARRATOR: From then on, Kamala and her father lived comfortably. Quickly after their journey with the thieves, Kamala’s honey enterprise took off. Seems the grouchy king had advisable her candy, golden honey to everybody he knew.

However although Kamala now had loads of cash to get by… that wasn’t what made her really feel wealthy. She’d realized the significance of counting on your self to unravel issues… and utilizing your smarts.

And that candy lesson… was value all of the gold on the planet.

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