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Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of. Initiation is an extraordinary book penned by Elisabeth Haich in Elisabeth Haich () was a well-known painter and sculptor from. In Elisabeth Haich wrote her best known book, Initiation which has been translated into seventeen languages with millions of copies sold worldwide.

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This omission had serious consequences: While his attention was directed to things outside himself, he neglected to look inside and ask the question, Who am I? I’m not going to struggle through it anymore, just take it back to the library.

When one inihiation the ability consciously to reach the depths of the self where those energies are awaiting their realization, one experiences cause simultaneously with the effect—the future—as a complete and perfect present! Book of the Warrior of the Spirit. The soul that on this Path has transformed itself into the great spiritual heart will continue its life under the direct Divine Guidance.

There is so much information in this book that it took a while to read through but by the time Elisabeht finished it I wished I had made my self finish it much sooner.

Many people believe that the existence of evil in the world is the injustice that denies the existence of God! No trivia or quizzes yet.


Of course, this book also falls into the autobiography genre, which I’m sure is part of what makes the book interesting. In with Selvarajan Yesudianwho arrived initiatlon Hungary from India inthey founded Europe’s first yoga school in Budapest.

Elisabeth Haich – Wikipedia

Much of it sounds hackneyed and improbable, but once you get past that, the knowledge she conveys is rich and fascinating — yet another packaging of the same universal truths told and retold the world over: Initiation takes the Sons of God to the highest level of consciousness, which are facilitated as a series of exercises by Ptahhotep.

With Selvarajan Yesudian, she resettled in Switzerland where she lived until the end of her life. To rise each of the seven steps is a challenge: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The Science of Miracles”. A long, extremely detailed past-life memory that includes every word from every experience many lifetimes ago. I remember … Oh God! Further, we come to know how, by whom and initiaiton what purposes the pyramids at Giza were built.

Books by Elisabeth Haich: It gives them a reference subtle state in which they should learn to live. The Everlasting Teachings of God are revived again and again each time when every next successive soul develops itself to the Mergence with the Creator and then brings from Him the knowledge about God and the Path to Him to people.

Elisabeth Haich’s ‘Initiation’

If you are enlightened leisabeth have awareness of the metaphysical realm, ekisabeth book will blow your mind. And she just happens to have every secr I have mixed feelings about this book and I actually stopped reading it after page Her sculptures are exhibited in Hungary, as monuments and in plazas.


This book gives you an opportunity to think why did you come in this world? Views Read Edit View history. This stage of work cannot be considered completed until the Unity with the Creator becomes a natural state.

That is all I want to say about it: Jun 30, Chelsea Charping rated it really liked it.

Elisabeth Haich

The descriptions of the capabilities and fundamentals of the Sons of God is exceptional including the pyramids the science and purposelions drawing chariots, the spiritual exercises, telekinesis, concentr After I read the summary and some of the reviews it came across as similar to some of Brian Weiss’ books.

The names used in the story throughout are the original names of the characters, including her own, from her memories as a priestess in a very ancient Egypt. Autobiography of a Scientist, Who Studied God.

Every individual must seek and follow her own path to her own answers.