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The Royal Thai Army (RTA) has introduced the Elbit Hermes unmanned aerial system (UAS), becoming the second Southeast Asian. Hermes is a multirole high performance tactical Unmanned Air System (UAS) developed by Elbit Systems. It has been serving as the main Intelligence. An Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle has just crashed in the vicinity of Baghdad Airport. According to the FARS News Agency, an Israeli Hermes drone crashed.

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The Hermes is primarily utilized as a reconnaissance, communications and surveillance platform by the Israeli Slbit Force IAF but an armed version is thought to exist operationally. Archived from the original on August 4, The powerplant provides the Hermes with a range of miles and a listed endurance time of approximately 20 hours.

This entry’s maximum listed speed mph. Graph showcases the Elbit Hermes ‘s operational range on internal fuel when compared to distances between major cities.

The wing assembly sits atop a short support structure and is straight in design featuring little in elbti way of sweep with cranked wing tips. The Hermes has seen extensive action over the Gaza Strip and in the relatively recent Lebanon War, currently maintaining active operational status within the IAF ranks.

This newer Hermes is said to wield all-weather capability and a reinforced structure for the rigors of an active battlefield environment as well as Ground-Moving Target Indicator GMTI and dual electro-optical payloads. Replacements are scheduled to begin sometime in Retrieved from ” https: August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Areas covered include general ratings, speed assessments, and relative ranges based on distances between major cities.

She falls under the Elbit Systems branding and is designed for tactical long endurance sorties. The Elbit Hermes is an Israeli medium size multi-payload unmanned aerial vehicle UAV designed for tactical long endurance missions.


The available optics suite can be seen protruding from its blister housing along the fuselage centerline ahead of the wings. The overflights were seen as a direct violation of the “Agreement on a Cease-Fire and Separation of Forces” also known as the ” Moscow Agreement” signed by both parties and witnessed by the United States and Russia. The wings sit just aft of amidships. An entire squadron of such vehicles has been formed and the air force has gone on to arm their Hermes family though the IAF has not officially confirmed this.

An upgrade hermws the Hermes program, falling under the project name of “Watchkeeper”, is slated to replace the older series with the improved “Hermes B” model be known in the British inventory under the designation of “WK”. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It borders the Black Sea and thus gives it a strategic value in the region. Israel is the primary and, appropriately, the most quantitative operator of their Hermes UAV system.

Elbit Hermes 450

Georgia has actively fielded the Hermes in the skies above the disputed Abkhazia region. Elbit Hermes Cont’d. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Several nations with growing interest in showcasing UAVs have either evaluated, leased or purchased the Hermes system, those including the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Brazil.

Retrieved September 19, It flbit a gimbaled electro-optical payload that can accept reconnaissance and surveillance equipment as needed.

Elbit Hermes – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Hermes Hermes of the U. Rate-of-climb is reported to be around feet-per-minute with a maximum speed listed at miles per hour, cruise being equal to 81 miles per hour.


InCroatia received at least two Hermes systems. The breakaway republic hrmes Abkhazia is recognized by some countries including Russia as an autonomous nation while others including the United States consider it to be a part of Georgia proper. As such, the crew can interpret all incoming imagery and data in real-time and react accordingly, often times in conjunction with other ground elements. Brazil ordered some 15 total Hermes units to assist in their ongoing urban drug wars. It has an endurance of over 20 hours, with a primary mission of eelbitsurveillance and communications relay.

Our Data Modules allow for quick visual reference when comparing a single entry against contemporary designs.

In earlyHermes systems are hdrmes to have participated in a pair of airstrikes launched against Sudan in an effort to control the flow of Iranian arms into the Gaza Strip. This section does not cite any sources. The undercarriage consists of bow-legged structure mounted amidships holding single-wheeled main landing gear legs while the steerable nose landing gear ebit is held well ahead in the design, just aft of the nose cone.

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As with American UAVs, Israeli UAVs – if armed – are thought to make use of the “Hellfire” anti-tank missile most synonymous with the tank-killing Apache helicopter, of which the Israelis operate in some number. The Hermes has become a proven and highly versatile defense package that can be hermess to suit the mission need.

Hermes of the U. Aircraft produced by Elbit Systems. Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 August