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I have found you need a much higher resistance to achieve the desired outcome. This will affect all sensors using the same 5 volt signal and will deliver disastrous results. When you get down below 50 millivolts, and further ecie doesn’t change the amount, stop.

First of all, why would you want to disconnect the car’s battery? Fast Freddy’s Tube Cell. If the computer never sees a voltage below. You have to stay in Closed Loop.

Eight cylinder engines tend to have 2 sensors, one on each exhaust manifold, but often have only one. I connected up the D17 to the rest of the chip outputs but it wasnt enough to make any difference to the idle.

When getting close to the EFIE’s lowest setting the voltage drops quickly, without the time delay you eefie at higher voltages.

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You can do this by scrolling down, or by searching for a brand name in the search box. Certain anti-theft or sfie entry systems have adaptive memory that relies on the vehicle’s battery to keep their settings.

You may think that you won’t be under freezing much and 85 degrees C is a pretty high temp. Raising spring pressure will lower lean-out limits. Test1 failed of course. The extra oxygen in the exhaust because efid a more complete combustion is what’s fooling the computer.

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Engine light came on right away. Allied is probably the cheapest, but Digikey is nearly as low, and has a wider selection of the parts you will need. One installer used the oxygen sensor’s heater power for his EFIE’s power, and this is perfectly acceptable.


It is an EFIE circuit board, with an rfie adjustment pot, and approximately 5″ of hook up wire for power, ground, oxygen sensor, and computer connections. J1 will provide moderate heating, J2 will provide about double the amount of J1, and setting both jumpers will provide the maximum amount of heat. The adjustment screw adjusts the voltage offset between the signal from the sensor, and what the computer “sees”. Tuning a stock vehicle usually won’t deliver much of an increase in mileage.

If you increased the power and vacuum, adjust again by about 2 degrees.

Water4Gas Interactive Troubleshooter

Instructions that ask you to make measurements to these eie can be done by connecting to the white and green wires from your circuit board. Experimentation will dictate what your ECU will tolerate. You might get lucky and have it written on the vehicle information tag on your hood. The thing to do, is only turn them with your multimeter hooked up. Efoe can shift the wiper arm to a clean spot on the resistive circuit to extend the life of your VAF while you’re in there.


If you have a newer vehicle with tight parameters, you may not be able to get away with more than about 0. Specifically, you must be aware of ALL the sensors to be dealt with, as well as ALL available methods and solutions that may or may not fit your vehicle. There are 4 types currently on the market: A rich mixture is a lean command. Tech school grads coming into the work force these days are taught to follow flow charts, replace bad parts, and track down poor connections.

Note that the photo of the Dual circuit board shows the parts for both EFIEs on the board, designated by the numbers 1 and 2. If you find that you are getting your best mileage increases at.

The actions it takes based on the oxygen sensor data, makes it negate the efficiency increase that would have been realized by the efficiency device.


They are colored red and black, and you should plug in the leads with the same colors for circuit board models, the red port is the same as the white wire, and the black port is the same as the green wire.

Guys at mv boost to the O2 sensor the car is driving well with good power. If it isn’t, check your cooling system for contamination or stuck thermostat. For Dual units, on the 2nd EFIE, the blue wire connects to the red test port and the brown wire connects to the black one.

It is the recommended model to use for any hobbyist who is installing a fuel savings system in his car, and needs a device for controlling the output of the oxygen sensor. I thought the same thing at first, then I thought Use both jumpers in New England for instance where it is too cold for human habitation from November to March each year.

The easy way to do this is to look it up in your Haynes, Clymer or Chilton manual for your car. You should solder them and use heat shrink tubing to insulate the connections from other wires. If connecting to your fuel saver’s power is inconvenient or inappropriate, just use any circuit that is accessory key switched. That way the EFIE only activates when the fuel efficiency device is turned on.

You need to ensure that you have switched power, not power directly from the battery. Of course you can mount the EFIE inside the passenger compartment, where it will be heated. Basically the added oxygen in the exhaust fools the computer into thinking the mixture is too lean, causing it to incorrectly richen the mix.

You might even consider planning on a complete tune-up at this time.