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Edward Marlo – The Cardician – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. The Cardician [Edward Marlo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detailed instructions on how to do many card tricks. If you like the Marlo vid, I strongly suggest you get his book “The Cardician.” It has a lot of gems in it. Also, as far as learning sleights and tricks.

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This is the best.

The Cardician – Ed Marlo

It simply looks like Marlo flips the top card with one hand, but it’s actually the second card. A technique for doing bottom deals tje turning your wrist.

To learn sleights and good card tricks. Will require practice, but it’s a great bottom deal.

Magic Tricks

As far as books VS videos, I prefer books over videos anyday. One card visually changes into another. I use it all the time.

Suit Cut to Orde. Gaft Card Magic Available here! This page was created in 0. Some of the other tapes, put out by Wakeman, are primarily performance only. It is not taught on the DVD, it’s just a performance. Two decks of cards are impossibly removed from a criss-crossed box that can only hold one deck. I have 2, and he teaches some super stuff.


Ed Marlo The Cardician- #1, DVD

Thank you all for your ideas. Take a look at our Return Policy. It’s fairly easy to learn if you know how to do carician top palm well.

Again, requires a table, a solid tenkai, and the right angles. There are gems in his books that are not on any of the cardlcian, including the Wakeman vids and Prime Time Marlo which was a video of performance only that Racherbaumer put out.

If you don’t know how to palm cards, I don’t really recommend buying this DVD. Most of the DVD is sleights, rather than routines. A method of dealing a winning poker hand from a freely shuffled and cut deck. This requires some before handwork, but it’s still great. A method of dealing a winning poker hand from a freely shuffled and cut deck.

This is probably the reason why I bought the DVD. It’s a nice way of palming a card but I personally don’t use it. I mastered it in about 3 days. I was wondering if anyone knew if the rest of his videos are as good as Vol 1?


In Marlo’s hands it looks perfect. You’ll find a couple of performances by Jack.

The Cardician by Edward Marlo :

A technique for doing bottom deals without turning your wrist. If you like the Marlo vid, I strongly suggest you get his book “The Cardician. Hosted by Dan Catdician. This will be a great item for anyone who hasn’t obtained this material yet. If you want a video, there is one of Jennings by that same title but doesnt hold obviously as much info as the book.

Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Both volumes of M. A method of palming the top card of the deck as it is being turned face down.