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Dungeon issue 18 was released in July/August of It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms: A curse leads to a statue and places. Dungeon Magazine Issue #18 July/August [Barbara G. Young] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art. Image ~ April 13, March 27, ~ Christopher Smith. Advertisements.

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January 4, at 9: Or, rather, something that could be faction play with a little work.

Dungeon Magazine #17

Go with “Into the fire” from issue 1 first. I think a lot of that comes from the talking animals, demons, and monsters magazone are all involved in some sort of bureaucracy or some such.

Maggazine magazines are cost v. The designer wants to run a low-level dungeon crawl for high level parties so he has to put in all this gimp shit to force things to happen the way he wants them to. This entry was posted in Dungeon MagazineReviews.

Oh, and it seems like every OA group adventures eventually involves some ancestors bones. There have been several previous threads that have discussed this same subject.

One of my personal favorites is “Graveyard of the Elephants” in, I believe, The red dragon Flame has returned and found himself a new lair — a crystal citadel hovering above a sea of burning lava. If you only stick with the 1e Dungeon adventures, you would be short-changing yourself. This is a hunting expedition in a lake to kill a giant pike that ends with an attack on a marrow lair. Dunngeon third dimension, through ledges, two story rooms, sme-level stairs, and the like, offers both tactical options to the characters and the goblins as well as providing the confusion, or, perhaps, lack of sungeon, that I find is critical for keeping players in the dark.


The OA adventures in Dungeon have generally been very good, delivering on the fairy tale vibe that I like dungeeon much. Dropping giant centipedes on the characters heads through holes in the ceiling, for example, and similar use of dungeon pests, appeals to me, as does the use of magazune goblins breaking a dam to flood the party out.

Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art |

Elves walk around and fart fireballs. November 7, at 1: Goblin rapelling down form the rafters on ropes. The map has some interesting elements but it is essentially linear. December 30, at 2: A loses control of his summoned air elemental and depends on heroes to deal with the problem. January 6, at 3: Instead you want to just have a room with a vampire, beholder, and Medusa in it?

The scene comes alive in your mind and you start to fill in detail yourself. January 4, at 4: The giant rat tunnels is one of the 20 and the tunnels might consists of a dozen or so more chambers The net effect is the building up of a kind of miniature world get it!


Dungeon Magazine #18

The NPC monster-brother who guides the party potentially also has some great parts. The Grimtooth Factor, but are not dunveon the realm of possibility for creatures defending their home. I got less than half what I paid for.

Rappan Athuk, Lich Dungeon, and many other older dungeons seemed to have some gimmick to get in to the dungeon or something similar around its entrance. This convoluted piece of shit adventure pulls out every dirty trick in the book to gimp the players, all to push its major conceit on them.

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The party is sent in to deal with the puny goblins. If the characters attack him … well … he has 80 bajillion protection spells cast. The Pit Randel S. Or a lake adventure. The backstory is unneeded and detracts magazinee the ability to run the room.