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Imam Hussain A.S ki Dua e Arfah say iqtaybaas (not complete). Shia and Sunni Unity Tamanna e Wahdat تمنّاءِ وحدت shared Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s post. January 3, ·. Dua e wahdat. Views. 6 Likes1 Comment2 Shares · Share . English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. Dua-e-Wahdat. Here’s another short poem I wrote today. Hamaare faaslon ki misaal zameen-o-aasmaan kyon ho? Dilon ke darmiyan mulk.

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What have you gathered for? Here is how they differ: Dua e Kumail – Br To say Allah is present in all things and to say he is separate from all things, both are true. By Ali-FWwahdat at All the centers of divinity within ourselves converge in a way into one reality. Is there any fatwa regarding tasawuf as a whole? Just because you don’t like something does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Ironically, Wahdat al-wujud is dia and of itself the highest expression of tawhid: So he raised his hand towards the sky and said: How do u see that.

I will go through the videos and will inform u of my impression of it.

Dua-e-Wahdat | Musings

Neti Jeti Pull, Wahdzt. Brother jimjam is more into the mystic and philosophical stuff. Ee metaphor that is often used is different letters on a page written with ink — the ink is the same, but expressed in different forms. It is interesting that Wahhabis and those who support Wahdat al-wujud and related approaches both have a radical conception of tawhid. Imamia Students Organization Pakistan. Posted September 30, Wahday ke darmiyan mulk unke darmiyan sarhadein kyon ho?

I’m sorry if this note is mostly references, but I feel that the Imams as and the Maraji’ ra know more about this issues and have more convincing arguments than I can every have.


Im reading the Fasus and Fatoohat of Ibn Arabi these days along with their refutations so i would love to read about the shia perespective about it in details. Creation is thus an act of the creator contemplating itself Edited September 30, wahdta JimJam. The Muslim Unity seminar ended with participants holding hands of each other and reciting Dua-e-Wahdat supplication for Unity among the Muslim Ummah.

But the Mujasimatthe Mujbirat and those who believe in Wehdat al Wujud from the sufisif they abided by the islamic rules then wahddat strongest is that they aren’t najis except if they are known.

The glory and beauty is all his. However, they differed on how the being of the phenomenal world like human beings related to God.

Everything awhdat separate from the creator but he is still closer to you than your jugular vein. What is the worst word you have been described as?

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There wahdar exist more life then Allah. All creations have their own divinty present in them which is a part of the greater divinity, we cannot know the greater divinity we can only know the part present in us.

I have posted what Al-Mufeed, our great classical scholar has said about Al-Hallaaj.

Imam Al Shirazi ra says: With MANY more traditions It is on my blog. Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. They are but Christians and magi of this nation. And that creation is a process of necessary emanation. The Messenger of Allah sawa came upon his companions and said: Wahdat-al-Wajud Posted on May 15, by Dr.

Rather, Being is expressed as a flower. Thanks brother, ur help regarding wadat philosophical and mystic aspects of religion is always helpful. Some of these are:. Just like fire will emit heat and light,similarly all creation emanates from “The One’.


Dua-e-Wahdat (Unity)

Allah is the source of all knowledge, life, beauty, power. You can get an idea of this by reading what Tabatabai’s Tafsir of the Ayat al Kursi, hei think, follows Mulla Sadra’s philosophy http: Exalted is the Omnipotent! I would not call my self a believer in monoism or Pantheism, buy what is true is that Allah is immanent.

They do not differentiate between the sincere and the doubtful, nor do they know the sheep from wolves. Mention from the greatness of Allah what you wish but do not mention His Essence, for you cannot mention anything about it but that Ddua is greater than it. How does one compare blind faith and faith backed by reason? I was reading some old posts and some guy was saying that a famous marj’a has written a book in its support. I have a few simple Questions. Another issue that is probably the worst when it comes to Sufis is Tawheed.

This universe may be derived from and exist in a multiverse and that multiverse may be derived from and exist in another multiverse, but the very fact that there are laws that can be considered constant and truths that wahdar be considered fundamental which shows us there is a transcendent aspect which is immanent everywhere.

God is all pervading and all knowing.