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DAFTAR ISI .. Tabel Sasaran Kedaulatan Pangan Tahun jati diri sebagai negara maritim, dan melaksanakan UU No. Pengawas Obat dan Makanan, Badan POM) Republic of Indonesia, . dalam rapat pleno badan legislatif dpr ri (26/9). selanjutnya draft ruu. jakarta – gudeg, makanan khas jogja-solo ternyata telah merambah dalam rapat pleno badan legislatif dpr ri (26/9). selanjutnya draft ruu ini.

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Halal certification which has been performed and draf by the Indonesian Council of Ulama is increasingly gaining appreciation worldwide. Lukmanul Hakim also added, the history had recorded that MUI had experienced different opinions several times with the government’s views. There is no half halal,” he said. Halal affairs must be clear, namely lawful or unlawful. Rusli, the chairman of the Association of Indonesian Fragrance and Flavor.

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In his speech, Rector of Unida, Pangzn. And the synthetic alcohol can be used to wash industrial tools and equipments. For example, Lukmanul Hakim argued about alcohol, as the dominant content in beverages, the alcoholic drinks, which is prohibited explicitly by the Islamic texts of shariah propositions. Among them was at the case of meningitis vaccines which were found to contain pork enzymes, while the government had already made a purchase for the vaccine.

They assess, it is not easy to implement such system, and it is also difficult if the system will be changed. Drzft the company also raised a significant restless and feel uneasy. In fact, when there are difference opinions, then, halal should not be interferred by the interests of politic, power and even the trade interests as well. At least 22 countries with 48 Islamic institutions and international Islamic fatwa bodies all over the world have recognized and received the fatwa issued by Dfaft.


At first, the ulamas forbid alcoholic beverages, which through a qiyash or analogous method, it is comparable with khamar which has been prohibited explicitly. Riu Science and Islamic Shariah. Firstly, the alcohol contained in khamar, the beverage or alcoholic drink which is strictly forbidden in the texts.

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Secondly, the alcohol contained in many types of ruy and food, such as durian, or even rice; and thirdly, the alcohol which is made synthetically through an industrial processes and used to wash any tools and equipments, to be sterile and hygienic. Ministry of Religious Affairs had also been invited, but they did not attend. Beranda Advertise Contact Us.

And hence, how the Fiqh is translated further into a system which can be implemented properly. Because any company which is not guaranteed halal, will slowly and surely decrease and even die,” said Paul J. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the National Standardization Agency Badan Standardisasi Nasional, BSNBambang Prasetya revealed, there has been many laws which can not be operationalized because thay can not be implemented to be government regulation.

Lukmanul Hakim described again, they give the appreciation after looking at the performance of MUI which can combine the two aspects of science and Islamic shariah at the same time simultaneously, so that it becomes a halal assurance system which is proven scientifically and strengthened by the shariah propositions in the realm of Islamic texts, the Fiqhiyyah studies. However, at the end of the discussion, the academic paper which had already been agreed and accepted, had been deviated from the original purpose.

Also inwhich had crippled national economy of Indonesia, and hence, MUI was asked to intervene and become the controllers. In addition, the system of halal certification and halal assurance system which have been established by LPPOM MUI have also been well accepted and adopted by 48 international halal certification bodies, such as halal certification bodies in the ASEAN region, Australia, Europe and even America and Africa.


Its contents were not sufficiently operational either to be implemented through the government regulation.

Through this categorization, the ulamas in the Fatwa Committee of MUI then determine that the alcohol in khamar, the beverage or alcoholic drink is distinctively forbidden, in accordance with the provisions of pangsn shariah texts, while the alcohol contained in fruits such as durian, and foods such as rice, are not forbidden to be consumed.

Therefore, we need cooperation across sectors to control it. Bambang Prasetya also added, substance of halal is the realm of MUI for dealing with fiqh.

Lembaga Pengkajian Pangan Obat-obatan dan Kosmetika MUI

Even so, he considered that its passage should be appreciated, because the presence of halal products is a basic human need, particularly for Muslim people as the majority of this country, which is guaranteed by the constitution. In fact, the result shows that alcohol itself can be grouped into three main categories. But unfortunately, in the new law, BPOM has not been involved absolutely, both in the preparation and the implementation of regulations in the law.

So far, graduates of Rui Food Science Faculty, have been almost always number one, and being the flagship of Djuanda Draftt Bogor.

And hence, all alcohol is forbidden. It is not categorized as khamar which is defiling filth or dirty.