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“I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been. I feel giddy, euphoric, in awe, confused, converted, guilty for not having had enough sense to trust Tarryn Fisher’s wicked ways implicitly and. Dirty Red. Title: Dirty Red Series: Love Me With Lies #2. Dear Opportunist,. You thought you could take him from me, but you lost. Now, that he’s mine I’ll do.

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You die in love rarryn than you live in love. Do I like Leah…no but she is alone and desperate…desperate people go to desperate measures.

You get an insight of Leah’s upbringing and tatryn her relationship with Caleb started. Remember “the seventeen curious stains on my ivory sofa and the twelve shoe scuffs on my wall”??

I guess he can but there’s obviously more to the story. Over and over again I thought to myself, Leah… how could you accept this? I have a feeling it will be the best rred yet! Butand gah, I hate to say this, I did feel a small glimmer of empathy for her. Rowling could do that.

Even as a kid Leah would revel in other kids misery caused by her. What a brilliant idea, yet the cause of so much angst! Durty 17, Taryn rated it liked it Shelves: Leah calculates every move so she can win. These books are amazing, definately one of my favorite series!!


She made me so mad because of Estella. I need to discuss!!! No matter how many oh gosh I feel sorry for her moments I about jumped up and down at the end …… until well you know. I have told so many lies that I have an entire buffet of shadiness to tarrny from. On Goodreads rating system I allow the full four stars; because Tarry Fisher can take words and make you feel them in the full measure of which a characters says or thinks them.

Dirty Red (Love Me with Lies, #2) by Tarryn Fisher

I am conflicted on how to rate it. So imagine my surprise that after reading this and being in shock over not liking it.

As far as what was in the box…. Also make sure to register to the forums so you can participate and take advantage of this and other exclusives in the future! Jul 21, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: Leah was another player in the Rirty and Olivia’s lying game.

Book Review – Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

Caleb and Olivia have to end up together. Theresa I just finished book 2. I wouldn’t drop her a text. Dirty Red is through Leah’s dirry of view. I hate her so much!! I almost wish she traryn in the hospital with a straight jacket. So the obvious choice is that it’s Seth’s and while I’m not ruling him out, I can’t but wonder about Seth’s and Caleb’s Dad Not only did Leah fail to redeem herself, but she became even more despicable as the book progressed.

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And there is so much going on in this book that it just adds to the mind blow. This series has taken over my life dirhy my heart. I devoured this book in a single day, feeling as giddy as a person working their way through a tub of illicit 2AM ice cream.

Book Review – Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher – Maryse’s Book Blog

How many ways are there to express your hatred for a character?? I just don’t feel that, as a series, I can keep giving it four stars. Unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. I do have some questions though — same with the trip to Rome as Jules.