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View full Dell UltraSharp UHM specs on CNET. Setting the display resolution to x (for UHM) Trademarks used in this text: Dell and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Inc; Microsoft and. The ” Dell UltraSharp UHM monitor with LED offers a brilliant view, rich The following table gives detailed information about the specs of the screen.

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At the lower end the luminance ranged u222hm to This is sometimes noticeable in practice even, but stopwatch programs have been used for many years to give a way to record and synchronise the output so that the difference could be recorded. What is Input Lag? Height, tilt, swivel, pivot adjustable Built-in cable management. We disabled dynamic contrast ratio as well when testing modes where it became active. There is a useful cable tidy hole in the stand as you can see from the images above.

Dell UltraSharp U2212HM Series

The brightness control remains active in the OSD menu and is not greyed out as it is on some screens. We also measured the colour temperature of each of the named preset modes as shown above. Good out of the box performance and setup. Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating.

At maximum brightness u2212hm luminance was recorded at The dynamic contrast ratio is available in the game preset whereas is it not in the standard mode, although we have already seen that this does spex in real use unfortunately. In terms of power consumption the manufacturers spec states typical usage of 30W in normal operation and 70W maximum with Dell Soundbar, maximum luminance and USB active.


It won’t feel the same as some of the glossy or semi-glossy screens of course but it’s a little better than some other previous Dell displays. If you want, the screen is also VESA x mm compliant.

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I n fact it would be then tending towards infinity: Compatible with Windows 7. We measured the UH as having a The UHM here was a little better than the others in fact with all things considered.

Results may of course vary from one screen to another but the sample we had was provided randomly from an actual retail stock so was a promising indication perhaps.

Its predecessor did not feature HDMI or any further i2212hm connections and so things remain the same here with the new model.

The older UH model showed a slightly more noticeable blur, but was free from the dark overshoot artefact. It was very similar to the default performance we had seen from the UM and UHM in fact and all had offered reasonable out of the box performance. Preset Modes – There is a ‘game’ preset mode available in the menu if you want it. For further information and tests of a high end professional grade screen with hardware LUT calibration, you may want to have a read of our NEC SpectraView Reference review.


How much power the device consumes when shut down but still plugged in.

Dell UltraSharp UHM specifications

It is worth noting that panel uniformity can vary from one screen to another, and can depend on manufacturing lines, screen transport and other local factors. Some images courtesy of Dell. This is thanks to the monitor’s x resolution, a 2, At the lowest setting the bottom of the lower bezel is approximately 56mm from the desk so you can spwc a nice low height if you require.

With the exception of the k mode, each setting was too cold. Privacy Policy and Cookies.

Dell logo on front of the screen. In fact all three of the new Dell UltraSharp screens Click for larger versions.

The device has a display with three full subpixels per pixel, resulting in dwll sharp and crisp picture. The lower bezel features a shiny silver coloured Dell logo in the centre. There is no real wobble from the screen and materials feel of a good quality. Carrying out the tests in this way does give you a good indication of the screens dynamic contrast ratio in real life situations however. The targets were all met well and contrast ratio was retained at a very high