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Degen DE product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Only US$, buy best Degen DE DSP FM SW MW LW SSB Digital World External Antenna Radio Receiver sale online store at wholesale Shop AGM® DEGEN DE FM/MW/SW/LW Shortwave Dual World Digital Radio Receiver. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.

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I kind of started to dislike DSP, for it can be annoying to hear it engage and disengage when a signal contantly drops down and recovers. I am loathe to take the Degen apart before i no what I am looking for. DSP chip radios are known for there hot Dwgen receive capabilities. This is probably due to the tight filtering of the receiver.

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An external antenna attenuator is the best solution. I owned two of these radios. Also included in the box is the mains charger, a set of rechargeable batteries, a pair of in-ear headphones, a long wire antenna and a soft carrying bag.

It helps me a lot to spend those tedious hours between airports and inside hotel rooms! It is my only dual conversion analog receiver.


The New Degen DE1103 DSP: First impressions & review

I used three radio receivers as a basis for comparison,i. Hi, I have read in the radio forum that it still an issue. I got my Degen DSP.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Reliable – most definitely! The ones supplied with my model were mAh NiMh types and take about 13 hours to fully charge with the supplied charger, although degfn radio can also be used from the mains supply whilst charging is in progress.

I don’t like the analog dial recreation plus the simulated meter bands in segmentsIMHO very much space has been wasted by the display. Thinking Day on the Air.

Degen DE review – G7AQK Ham Radio and Model Railways

I think this is a great purchase and a keeper if you are looking for a great reciever in a small package. The manual is a joke its all about Alarms and sleep thingies.

I guess its got beaten up on the way here. Miles away from my Tecsun PL I got used to that and then the wheel packed up working. As for as sensitivity, selectivity, spurious and image rejection, the DE exceeds a great deal. The loose-feeling controls make it feel cheap though which it is. Thank you for sharing your review of the DE And it is so frustrating, for I like to listen to very weak signal stations, not to mention very distant ham stations that overcome QRM.



Also some issues with the volume. Ads are what helps us bring you premium SWLing content! On the right side of the receiver there’s the multi-purpose jog dial, which is used for manual tuning, to set the volume, clock, battery charging hours, memory presets etc.

This offers advantages but also some disadvantages. The big advantage is that RF performance is fantastic for a radio of this size and price. FM reception is far better than I have heard for a long time and is stereo with headphones.

Otherwise, the receiver is fully digital and has an exact frequency readout clearly visible on the display. The bang-for-buck factor on this little portable is truly off the scale!