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Find great deals on eBay for Creative Xmod in Desktop External Sound Cards. Shop with confidence. The Good Creative’s Xmod enhances compressed audio by effectively converting it to bit audio; attractive and easy-to-use hardware;. Creative’s Xmod is an interesting little product that manages to bring Creative’s patented X-Fi sound processor into a portable form factor.

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Creative has lifted the X-Fi features related to music from its SoundBlaster cards and packed them into the Xmod.

That’s how cool the virtual localization was. I listened to several rough and noisy podcasts and the Crystalizer just enhanced the worst bits of the noise. User Comments Got something to say? BioShock Infinite and Metro: Xod is less hollow or tubular than some surround DSP effects I’ve heard, though it isn’t ideal for all content.

The audio quality of Xmod is evidently lower than that of X-Fi cards, though it compares with the cheap models in price. The whole unit is smaller than a deck of cards and is extremely lightweight.

Creative Xmod: Sound Cards (External) | eBay

However, some of the audio became stunted, sounding clipped, and a lot of the detail was lost when this feature was activated. It then grabs any audio playing through the system and runs it through its built-in filters. The mid-range remains unchanged for the most part, although it seems a little richer, and detail remains about the same whether the Crystaliser is freative or off. Creative Xmod Firmware 1. No drivers are cdeative.


Creative Xmod review – TechSpot

This is not a speaker system; rather you plug your stand-alone speakers or headphones into the device. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. We wouldn’t recommend this mode for music listening, but for enjoying other media, such as games or movies, it was quite effective.

You simply adjust the effects level by rotating the knob. This worked great with compressed, clean audio, like the compressed WMA signal from my Zune.

The one you’ve been waiting for. Compressing tracks to MP3 leads to a loss of quality, with sound sort of mashing together. View our privacy policy before signing up. It is basically an enhanced surround sound mode, which improves directional and position audio. While the effect is effective, it’s the aptly named Crystalizer that gives the Xmod its street cred. Write a comment below. The Bottom Line The reasonably priced Creative Xmod does a remarkable job of making audio sound brighter, deeper, and more vibrant.

The Crystaliser certainly does a great job. After upgrading the firmware, disconnect and reconnect your Xmod.

It wasn’t exactly like being in a theater and really feeling the sound effects with your whole body, but it took the sound experience up to a whole new level of listening. I’m in love with the Creative Xmod.

Creative Xmod review

The virtual 3D surround sound works particularly well with both movie playback and gaming. CMS-3D is quite funky. It automatically starts up when connected via the USB and has three small blue LEDs that indicate which features are xxmod turned on. That’s because the physics of headphone playback seem to differ from the physics of speaker playback.

Galaxy S9 brings Samsung two steps forward, one step back.


Creative Xmod

The device is compatible with both Mac OS X Join or follow us: The effect is more noticeable with side surrounds left, right, left rear and right rear. If you want to step up your Mac audio to the next level, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on sound cards and speakers, the Creative XMod is a great way to get a lot of bang and crash and boom and kapow for your buck. Interview with Seacom Part 1: Here emerges a question: With the popularity of laptops over desktop PCs, and the zillion other portable media devices that interface with your computer rather than with your standard stereo system, it comes as no surprise that Creative is looking for ways to cater to that segment as well.

Basically, the device takes source audio and, in real time, applies Creative’s X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology to the audio, and the results are pretty substantial.

There is no interpolating going on–instead, Creative sound engineers have come up with a secret formula that identifies certain instruments such as cymbals or kick drum and fills in the data that was originally trashed during compression. On the side opposite the USB port is the headphone jack.

With this switched on, the X-Fi processor theoretically enhances your music up to bit quality, which is above that of a regular CD CDs are bit. The only issue is it won’t run without external power.