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The first edition of Core Data by Marcus Zarra was the book I turned to when I wanted to learn Core Data. Whilst it is still a great book it was. Threading in today’s Core Data is radically different from its original In this talk from #Pragma Conference , Marcus Zarra presents the. Core Data in Swift. by Marcus S. Zarra. Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf. Release Date: June ISBN: View table of contents. Start reading.

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My Core Data Stack

Threading was like that too; the threading rules were unclear, with different answers from different people. Susan rated it really liked zxrra Aug 24, When this happen, you just need to turn that little arrow next to the NSFetchedResultsController so you can find out which one of their table view cells is actually causing the mafcus problem. Therefore, we should have a context dedicated to the datq and dedicated to giving them the truth. Max rated it really liked it Jul 04, After much consideration and review, I recently purchased a MacBook.

It was to the point and extremely helpful in taking me from never having worked with CoreData to a working knowledge of the technology for implementation as well as making sound engineering decisions.

Want to Read Currently Marcue Read. The main queue is also known as the user interface queue. I was incredibly disappointed in Swift when I started to look into how key value coding might be preserved in the transition from Objective-C. If the user is going to edit something, we use this context. The tough part is imagining how it might be used and often that just comes from experience.


Mark rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Whilst it is still a great book it was starting to get a little dated. The context could at least query it or get some information from them. Finally the chapter on threading covers how to use Core Data in a way that is thread safe.

Core Data in Swift [Book]

If you start, you tend to get a little bit overanxious and start listening marcuus the notifications all over the place. Luca Bernardi rated it really liked it Nov 23, However, using threading to fix a performance problem tends to create two, four, eight, or twelve more performance problems. Marcus does mention the problems Apple has had getting this to work reliably:.

The second edition has been substantially updated and the change in emphasis is evident from the change in subtitles of the two editions. Then you would discuss it solve the problem because it was such a small tight-knit community. It allows us to save and to consume or process data without blocking the UI.

Secondly you can get a deeper understanding of some key technologies if you will excuse the pun such as KVC and KVO when used on the desktop platform. This expanded and updated edition now also provides a detailed discussion of using Core Data with iCloud.

Shortly after my acceptance I had heard that there was dore controversy surrounding the conference about a comment made by one of the organizers who had attended another conference. The block API makes it trivial to add network calls anywhere in an application.

Do not create dummy data objects on top of Core Data. I decided to write a post myself after I recently had to become much more intimate with the way Core Data aggregate fetches work.


My Core Data Stack

May 06, Wai Lam rated it it was amazing. I have a zaera for technical books that are written by experienced practitioners with a strong point of view.

It is far better to skip it and move on to iOS 6. Generally, fastest is going to be some of the ugliest, nastiest code on the planet.

In my opinion the book really needs to spend some time on this and be brought up to date for current versions of dsta operating systems. Is there anything wrong with Realm? All user interfaces are macus threaded. Are you struggling with your persistence or networking layer? Recently while using this language feature writing Swift code, I ran into a few snags and learned from the process.

Core Data by Marcus Zarra

From this ocre some third party libraries who followed the same pattern we have seen an explosion of increasingly poor network handling in applications. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. No, not a MacBook Pro 13 or There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Todd rated it really liked it Mar 02, When the call succeeds we now have all of the street addresses in the streetAddresses array:.

I can look into the data. This year, with the release of Swiftthere are some pretty radical changes.