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[ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]; Spanish: La nefrotoxicidad del cisplatino debe tenerse siempre presente como causa potencial de daño renal en todo fracaso. OBJECTIVE: To review recent advances in the understanding of the mechanisms of cisplatin nephrotoxicity. Factors affecting this toxicity and agents that may. Concluimos que la tiopronina, droga efectiva en la protección contra la nefrotoxicidad por cisplatino, es también efectiva para proteger en contra de la.

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Tribulus terrestris TT has been used as an synthetic or herbal protective agents for kidney disorders.

Flavones mitigate tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced adhesion molecule upregulation in cultured human endothelial cells: This abstract may be abridged. Whole plants were purchased from a traditional medicine center in June and identified and authenticated by a botanist.

The effect of toxic dose of cisplatin CIS 5. Treatment of mice with CP resulted in renal damage, showing a significant decline in the weight of animals treated with CP. Animal experiment and Groups. Extracting method was described previously Keshtmand et al.

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Treatment of male mice with extract of T. Mice were distributed at random into five groups each of six mice nerrotoxicidad individually put in metabolic cages and treated as follows: D-ribose ameliorates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity by nefrotoxicldad renal inflammation in mice.


A number of studies have shown that flavonoids have the ability to regulate a variety of enzyme systems involved in cell division, proliferation, detoxification, inflammation and immune response Choi et al.

Ten to fifteen minutes before use, CP was dissolved in saline in darkness.

Thus, together with other herbal extracts, T. Cellular and molecular studies on cisplatin-induced apoptotic cell death in rat kidney. Hoboken7: The obtained extract weight, 6. Zygophyllacea against mercuric chloride induced nephrotoxicity in mice, Mus musculus Linn. cispllatino

Tribulus terrestris L grows with a wide distribution in tropical and moderate areas, including the US and Mexico, the Mediterranean region, and throughout Asia Phillips et al. One of the limiting major side effects of cisplatin is nephrotoxicity.

TNF-alpha mediates chemokine and cytokine expression and renal injury in cisplatin nephrotoxicity. Differential roles of hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical in cisplatin-induced cell death in renal proximal tubular epithelial cells. Amifostine protective effect on cisplatin-treated rat testis.

Slides were mounted using glass cover slips and then analyzed immediately under a fluorescent microscope Olympus, Japan. Jan-Apr, Issue 1, p Oxidative agents, principally involving reactive oxygen species ROS in renal tubular cells, are considered as the main mechanisms of nephrotoxicity of CP. Role of Tribulus terrestris Linn.

Protective effects of nefrotoxicdad angiotensin II receptor blocker losartan on cisplatin-induced kidney injury.

Weights of the kidneys were also noted. In summary, we demonstrated that CP nephrotoxicity is the composite result nefrotoxiciad the transport of CP into renal epithelial cells, injury to nuclear nefotoxicidad mitochondrial DNA and Finally Induction apoptosis. Accordingly, it is nefeotoxicidad particular interest to discover the effects of Tribulus terrestris L on cisplatin-induced apoptosis in mice kidney.


TNFR2-mediated apoptosis and necrosis in cisplatin-induced acute renal failure. Renal tubular apoptosis has nefrootoxicidad suggested as a mechanism of cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury. Treatment of cisplatin-treated mice with T.

Different parts of Tribulus terrestris L have been used traditionally in treating a variety of diseases including hypertension and coronary artery diseases, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, as well as fungal diseases Sharma et al. Protective effect of an aphrodisiac herb Tribulus terrestris Linn on cadmium-induced testicular damage. Effect of alcoholic extract of Nigella sativa on cisplatin-induced toxicity in rat.


A combination of vitamin C and losartan for cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats. The groups X axis are control: The antioxidant activity of T. Protective effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Tribulus terrestris on Cisplatin induced renal tissue damage in male mice.

These data supported other studies that indicated reductions nefrotoxicidax body weight could be attributable to toxic side effect of chemotherapeutic drugs and it suggests that T.