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General HHR – Online Owners Manual – ( owners-manual/chevrolet/) GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,. CHEVROLET, and the CHEVROLET Emblem are registered trademarks and the name HHR is a trademark of. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Chevrolet HHR.

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Continued Airbags inflate with great force, faster than the protection for adults and older children, but not for blink of an eye. Contact your dealer before adding any Setting the Clock equipment.

Shoulder Belt Height Adjuster Uhr Belt Pretensioners The vehicle has a shoulder belt height adjuster for the This vehicle has safety belt pretensioners for front driver and right front passenger seating positions.

The belt would be much too high. To start the engine using the remote start feature: This is especially pwners in slippery road conditions. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. To use random, located below either arrow tab. Open the liftgate by pressing the touchpad located in the handle above the license plate. Corner of the rear bumper.

Chevrolet HHR Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

In Canada, mabual only works when the vehicles with an automatic transmission are in P Park and vehicles with a manual transmission have the parking brake set and the vehicle is not moving.

I can’t thank you enough for posting it!!!! Use another type of traction device only if its manufacturer recommends it for use on the Putting a used wheel on the vehicle is dangerous.


chdvy See Floor Console Fuse Block on page 6 for more information. Select the desired number of favorites pages by stored as favorites using the six softkeys located below pressing the softkey located below the displayed the radio station maual tabs and by using the radio page numbers. Secure the vehicle to the dolly. Automatic Door Lock, Rear Door Security Locks, Programmable Automatic Door Unlock Automatic Door Lock Rear Ownsrs Security Locks On vehicles with power door locks, the doors Vehicles with rear door security locks prevent automatically lock when the shift lever is moved out passengers from opening the rear doors from the mnual P Park for a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

If cheyv other vehicle’s system is not a volt system with a negative ground, both For more information about the vehicle battery, see vehicles can be damaged. Reporting Safety Defects Remember, if your vehicle is leased, you may be and remedy campaign. This could cause serious or even fatal injuries. Tires Underbody Maintenance To clean the tires, use a stiff brush with tire cleaner.

Page Aluminum or Chrome-Plated Wheels The surface of these wheels is similar to the painted surface of the vehicle. Repeat this until help arrives but only when you feel If the vehicle’s tires spin at high speed, they can really uncomfortable from the cold. Horn on page 4 3. If the vehicle goes into an object at an angle, the When Should an Airbag Inflate? Parking Brake and Automatic Recommended Fluids and Transmission P Park Mechanism Lubricants Check Fluids and lubricants identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer.


Weight of the Trailer Tongue Do not exceed the maximum allowable tongue weight ownefs the vehicle. It is also important to check the oil change your own oil, be sure to drain all the oil from the regularly over the course of an oil drain interval and filter before disposal.

Chevrolet HHR 2011 Owner’s Manual

In a crash, children who are not buckled up can strike other people who are cheyv up, or can be thrown out of the vehicle. Page To adjust the vertical aim: It estimates the battery’s Normally, these actions occur in steps or levels, without temperature and state of charge and then adjusts the being noticeable. See Lower Anchors and A frontal airbag for the driver.

Virgin Islands call In a crash, you would move forward too much, which could increase injury. While refueling, hang the tethered fuel cap from the hook on the fuel door.

We recommend that you use these are now required to contain additives that help prevent gasolines, if they comply with the specifications engine and fuel system deposits from forming, allowing described earlier. Press until the speaker control labels display.