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18 user reviews on Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitor. Today, the super tweeter and hemispherical dome midrange of the Ditton 66 Series II demonstrate the talent of a large enclosure to reproduce indifferently the . 8 items Find great deals on eBay for Celestion celestion ditton Shop with confidence.

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Feedback here and on Agon audionews and ebay tubenews.

Celestion Ditton 66

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. In for me they work with a technics su-V8X and I have a very high quality sound. The red plot shows the farfield response with the nearfield shown above. Log in Become celestioh member.

Not satisfied with those reviews? All reviews reflect the extraordinary quality and reliability of these speakers! Although I would do sr the same choice, without a shadow of a hsitation! For hifistes, audiophiles, they are connected to a receiver prampli Yamaha AX which dlivre Watts continuous or RMS is as desired.

I doubt you will find a nicer pair of these. Hi Guys Slight change of track here This proved to be true with this speaker.

The differences between the two will be between 40 – Hz, where the 66s may be a little bit more solid in delivery, but not quite as fast or detailed. Low performance, power with low impedance low frequency a check Sep 6, at 3: Our members also liked: These use a total cap value of 24uf so 1 crossover is correct.


My own diy cabinets use constrained layer damping to give a rigid but well damped cabinet. A good re-wiring and re-screening at a good professional House of paris HP and forgotten the sound of yesteryear, the difference is amazing! It contains a high pass for the tweeter and a lowpass for the mid. Any other considerations I should bear in mind, given their age? Tweeter and mid network. Did you find this review helpful?

That maybe the case now but when i had the ’66’ i live in a house with one def neighbour, hence loudness wasnt an issue. Hmmm the plot thickens!

Of the 66 mk1 agree yield low 86dB if I remember correctly. Throughout the years they have lost their superiority and have been matched and, finally, surpassed by other products in the small hi-fi world.

Don’t get me wrong, I can still quite enjoy small-ish loudspeakers, as long as they’ve been voiced to sound musical, and not falsely ‘hi-fi’.

Everything is bland and flat when he heard the sound of Celestion Ditton 66 Series II.

They will remain a legend! Our first step was to test the existing crossover with the new baffle and drivers. Now they are part of my heritage familliale a very good quality and reliability!

We found the amount of fill in the original to be inadequate. I listened to these speakers for more than 20 years, from to The medium rather sublime voice, made a piano, oboe. Yup, they defo have different types of musical presentation, and I can understand why you’d prefer the 33s. Post a Comment All comments are moderated. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.


It’s bugger all to do with size of the enclosure, but everything to do with the loading of the driver in it’s respective enclosure size. Moving on to the woofer, we can see that the existing crossover is asking a great deal of the dome mid.

I know it’s an old design, but If this speaker was made today, I reckon it would still sell well probably cost a fortune though. We wanted to raise the crossover point as we knew it would benefit the dome and the woofer would allow it. The top end of the dome has a hump centred around 5k – this is critical because the intended crossover is here.

Might make them less likely to be pushed over. I would respect the foundations of their endeavours. The tweeter gets pretty high with ease and without being irritating.

User reviews: Celestion Ditton 66 Series II – Audiofanzine

May 25, Celestion Ditton 66 mod. Request a new review.

I agree with what you’re saying, but I also think much depends on the room they’re being used in and the amp that’s driving them.