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Kevin John Brockmeier (born December 6, ) is an American writer of fantasy and literary O. Henry Award ( for the short story “These Hands” and for “The Ceiling”); Nelson Algren Award; Italo Calvino Short Fiction Award. Within a week, the object in the night sky had grown perceptibly larger. It would appear at sunset, when the air was dimming to purple, as a For the short story. In Kevin Brockmeier’s short story, “The Ceiling,” Brockmeier implies that marriage is not necessary in our society. In fact, Brockmeier criticizes.

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The rest of the town seemed to follow in a matter of days, falling to the ground beneath the weight of the ceiling. It was only a matter of time. Current Biography Yearbook All of this was true. Their hands were cupped together beside the pepper crib, and his shoes stood empty on the carpet. We shouldered our way through and continued into town. Melissa found Joshua through the window.

It blotted out the light of passing stars and seemed to travel across the face of the moon, but it did not move. This story felt a little slow opening, and it was hard to get into. You are commenting using your WordPress. March 10, at 6: Within a week, the object in the night sky had grown perceptibly larger.

“The Ceiling”

His birthday cake, which sat before me on the picnic table, was decorated with a picture of a rocket brockmieer silver white missile with discharging thrusters. A chunk of plaster fell across the kitchen table as I was eating dinner that night.

There was a note of concern in her voice. Ash drizzled to the ground. It just looks like something’s there.

To me, the ceiling represents the suffocation, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness that we occasionally feel in our lives. The people of my town were uncertain as to whether the object was spreading or approaching—we could see only that it was getting bigger—and this matter gave rise to much speculation.


I had been observing my breath for the last few hours on the polished undersurface of the ceiling: In an interview with this station, Dr. Perhaps I was simply seized by a whim—the desire to be spoken to, the wish to be instructed by a dream. She crooked her head and gave him a tentative little flutter of her fingers.

So this is what I did: Though he never failed to laugh when a customer was at hand, the eyes he wore became empty and white, as if some essential fire in them had been spent. His other best friend, Chris Boschetti, came from a family of cosmetics executives.

Church steeples, derricks, and telephone poles. There was a sky that day, sun-rich and open and blue. Trees released a steady sprinkle of leaves and pine cones, then came timbering to the earth—those that were broad and healthy cleaving straight down the heartwood, those that were thin and pliant bending until they cracked. As he read, the sky grew bright with afternoon. On the other hand, Melissa is so caught up in her own unhappiness, that she doesn’t even see the ceiling.

His short stories have been printed in numerous publications and he has published two collections of stories, two children’s novels, and two fantasy novels. The house was still peaceful as I showered and dressed, and I stepped as quietly as I could across the bath mat and the tile floor.

It blotted out the light of passing stars and seemed to travel across the face of the moon, but it did not move. The insects had begun to sing, the birds to fall quiet. Apartment buildings and energy pylons. Joshua started the second grade in September. I pushed them in until each wick was surrounded by only a shallow bracelet of wax.


It took me a moment to realize why this was: That night, after the last of the children had gone home, my wife and I sat outside drinking, each of us wrapped in a separate silence.


Children and Young Adult Literature portal. Sometimes I think I should tie brockemier to his belt. Mitch Nauman let his foot fall to the carpet.

His new teacher mailed us a list of necessary school supplies, which we purchased the week before classes began—pencils and a utility box, glue and facial tissues, a ruler and a notebook and a tray of watercolor paints.

I personally don’t think that it’s ever too late to kevinn something, but hey, that’s just me being hopeful. A nightjar gave one long trill after another from somewhere above us.

Kevin Brockmeier

On his first day, Melissa shot a photograph of Joshua waving to her from the front door, his kecin wreathed over his shoulder and a lunch sack ceiliing his right hand. Igoni Barrett, Belle Boggs, A.

Then he shrugged his shoulders. Excerpt Within a week, the object in the night sky had grown perceptibly larger. It was the beginning of July before she began to ease back into the life of our family.

Other times, we absolutely know that we’re miserable, however, we’re so caught up in our own misery that we don’t realize the dark cloud that’s hovering over our heads is also starting to hover over everyone else’s. A man on a stepladder was pasting a brockmeiet to the ceiling: If you haven’t read this story, I highly recommend that you do.

I read “The Ceiling” for my fiction writing class last semester.