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Caverns of Thracia () – The Original Classic Adventure by Paul Jaquays, with new maps and editing by Bob Bledsaw III. Designed for. Caverns Of Thracia – A Lost Civilization Beneath the lost ruins of Thracia are the vast caverns of a once great civilization. While a death c. Item Code: WW Title: Caverns of Thracia. Type: Scenario. System: d20 Dungeons & Dragons. Author(s): James Collura, Paul Jaquays, Scott Greene.

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This is a “living” environment that puts paid to the notion that old school dungeons are static places with monsters statically side by side without any interactions between them. This supplement represents a series of rooms and caverns which have had many previous owners.

Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia

I’ll tell you what, just to be devil’s advocate: Another problem is that monsters which could be surprises aren’t.

Hmm gonna have to scout up a pdf of this adventures sounds really cool. Since all hits do 1d6, why would you buy an expensive sword or bow? Very much agreed on both counts, although I would argue that the immensity of ideas contained within small products was pretty much the standard in the early days of the hobby. By flipping and rotating them, you can get a pretty wide variety of terrain configurations.


The effort given on the history side, for example, could well have been glossed over.

Thus, a man with an intelligence level of 15 could speak 7 languages, i. My player’s reactions have been very positive toward this dungeon. The humans used beast men gnolls, minotaurs, dog brothers, etc. The Intemperate Jungle My Favorite Character Sheet You might also want to check out the Re- Running the Megadungeon essays, which use a behind-the-scenes peek cavfrns this campaign as an example of how to properly run a megadungeon.

Second, re CR tables: The city and four levels of the caverns cavernx vast, providing more than enough material for many gaming sessions.

Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia – Multiverse

The beast men chose an intelligent minotaur to rule tthracia his descendants still reign. The Lost City of Thracia on the surface is rather small, spanning only five pages.

I keep meaning to throw up reviews of the M-series of modules on my own blog. Since that time, The Caverns of Thracia has come to be regarded as one of the classics of the genre, particularly within the Old School Renaissance community. My group cavernns a blast with Dark Tower and this seemed like it could have been a nice follow-up.

Jaquays is an underrated talent, IMO. It stops in the middle of the bit on war-trained familiars, with: Monday, March 30,8: Sadly, I am unable to do the same, or even stay on topic.

Fantasy role-playing game adventures Judges Guild publications. Wednesday, April 01,8: You would have to reverse engineer the stats, of course, but it’s an option. The odds in combat are pretty supportive of the PCs, so long as some good sense is employed, so the problems of getting lost, solving puzzles or resolving other cagerns with player skill, and so many other things that give old-school gaming its heady flavor really have a chance to take center cavwrns again.


The Alexandrian ยป OD&D in the Caverns of Thracia

Now, ask me to map it, you know, where the DM says: Gygax in particular seemed to delight in elaborate traps and situations likely to kill or at the least inconvenience characters. I can’t really blame Jaquays for this “The Dungeoneer” shows that he was a hobbyist just like everyone else, he just happened to be way better at it! It mentions that some unique monsters are to be found within all the better to surprise players who think they know everything!

The players are aware of it, but they consider it to be far out of their reach. As the characters find their way into it, this underground society has blended into a melange of strange horrors! Friday, May 01,4: