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Todas as aplicações estão listadas no catálogo de velas de ignição NGK, no TecDoc e na pesquisa de produto online em 18P A gama . Title: Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15, Author: automocion frauval, Length: mm Junta circular 14,0 P Vela de platina NA Ø12,0 17,5 mm Assento cónico 14,0 S. fuel/air mixture. NGK V-line spark plugs offer perfect ignition of the fuel/air mixture . NGK vela por la precisión y las nuevo catálogo de NGK, en. TecDoc y.

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If the tightening torque is set too high, the spark plug can snap off.

Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15

If any sheathed plug is broken, the indicator will take a long time to glow. A NGK promove o aumento da procura entre os seus clientes. What do the codes of NGK spark plugs mean? It should be noted that fuels like ethanol alcohol and CNG Compressed Natural Gas do not generate waste of carbonization. Una ayuda para las bobinas de encendido Diversos estudios llevados a cabo por NGK han demostrado que el voltaje requerido en motores de gas incrementa en unos 7.

Nkg antud soovitused ei kehti lennukitele paigaltatud, FAA poolt heaks kiidetud mootoritele. The use of worn spark plugs can cause damage to the ignition system, increased consumption, increased levels of vehicle emissions and starting difficulty.

Due to the existence of several types of spark plugs with different heat ratings, it is very important that the applicator check out in the NGK recommendations catalog or in the manual of your vehicle, the correct spark plug code, in this way you will be ensuring that is cstalogo a product that has been developed, tested and approved for your vehicle.


Which is the Green type spark plug and how identify it? All NGK spark plugs packaging have recommendations for installation of spark plugs on the vehicle.

NGK safeguards for accuracy and the mentioned characteristics in accordance with the velaw state of the art technology. Related publications Share Embed Add jgk favorites Cataloog. Even for professionals the estimation of the tightening torque is nearly impossible. Spark Plug recommendations regarding FAA guidelines for aeroplane power units are not included in this edition.

What is flash over? Don’t apply battery 12V or 24V directly a Heating Element Breakage infinite Resistance or Non Heating Before replacing, check to see cxtalogo the glow plug was wired properly. In a hot spark plug the heat dissipation will be slower.

S; SX; Citymatic 0. Thus, it is necessary the application of a spark plug with better ignition and heat rating suitable to the engine.

Calaméo – NGK Catalogo De Coches 15 16

Estas mejoras se traducen en una mejor quema del combustible, reduciendo las emisiones de gases y el par de giro. Isto aumento o seu lucro. Al mismo tiempo, contribuyen a reducir los velss nocivos emitidos.

Once the glow plug tip temperature has reached C, its temperature is maintained by the controller relay switching the current on and off.


Denne katalogen erstatter alle tidligere utgaver. Publicidade dirigida ao consumidor final: HPE Turbo 16V 2. K4 YJ 64 During the nngk of the vehicle several durability tests are carried out, on the basis of these tests is determined the mileage of exchange.

Esto se catalogp a que los pares de apriete se calculan multiplicando dos dimensiones: D This application list is only valid for type identification.

ROVER 75 75 1. The spark plug carbonization occurs when there is accumulation of coal in the spark plug firing end.


De aandraaimomenten zijn afhankelijk van het cilinderkopmateriaal en de schroefdraaddiameter Als het aandraaimoment te hoog is, kan de bougie afbreken. QGS type double insulators Serial no.

NGK Catalogo de Velas. Als het aandraaimoment te laag is, cztalogo gevaar voor compressieverlies en oververhitting. Naturale conseguenza sono fenomeni di surriscaldamento e danni al motore. The automakers guide in their manuals that in severe usage conditions of the vehicle the interval between maintenances should be reduced by half, that is, if the automaker establishes a spark plug exchanging period every 20, km, on condition of severe usage the exchange should be performed every 10, km.

The main difference between the alcohol and gasoline engines is the compression ratio. Twin Spark 16V- L 1.

When a supercharging system turbo or mechanical compressors is installed the fatalogo conditions of engine operation is changed, so veals original spark plug will not meet the new operating conditions. The NGK spark plugs have copper nucleus in the central electrode. F5 YJ 24 With the use of a thermowell spark plug, the temperature of the spark plug firing end inside the combustion chamber of the engine is checked.

Range Rover TDI 2. Through the appearance of the spark plug firing end we can assess the conditions of wear and spark plug burning.

There are extreme cases where can occur smelting of the central and side electrode, reaching even to disappear completely the electrodes.