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MB Carsoft User – Car Diagnostic Tool MB Carsoft instruction – OBD China BMW Carsoft Software Installation manual – Hi, guys i dont know is this the right place to post this topic but here it goes, i have managed to get carsoft and i want to see how it works but. peugeot user manual at – Download free pdf files Ebay cpt.

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I gather that the general consensus will be to send it back Yes, I too have been frustrated. Thanks for that, it is useful to know you were actually able to talk to someone, even if they were totally useless. That said I could not communicate with the airbag module, which is where I assume I need to go to clear codes for what I believe is a “crash impending” mode.

Amnual be in a position to find out this weekend.

MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer Technical Service

Here’s to you Geert. I have searched and see that a few have been able to get this version of Carsoft to talk to their Sprinter.


I was thinking to go for the 7.

I have really nice friends. View all news for Monday 22 February, on one page. I got a new RS cable Feb 8, Location: Option 3 a unit claiming to be a multiplexer “all K lines wires” without software cd, and option 4 the same as option 3 but with a software CD. Here obd2 car diagnostic tool factory will share you some customer cwrsoft of Benz Carsoft 7. Turned the computer on and started the van per suggestions from the DAD thread.

I think this software is very limited and just can access a couple of modules and is not performing as they advertised. Works great aside from the fact that it comes with a virus that you can’t make go away.

This message is a normal message. I will let you know if make any progress.

If you only pay bucks for that you might think that may be oright, but I’d paid more than that and I think I should get more value for the money and that was why I ended up chasing a refund. Share This Page Tweet. Customer Feedbacks of MB Carsoft 7.

Carsoft [Archive] – Sprinter-Forum

I installed the Carsoft 7. Sounds like you might have your problem on the road to working for you.

I have a Chinese knock off of the MB Star tool. Of the 10 digital tests, only 3 or 4 are available, it correct. The under-car stuff was a breeze. Low and behold, I discovered that the first test I ran would be the only test I will run again because now the multiplexer fails to communicate with my car.


It’s just very disappointing that live data doesn’t work, and the sprinter ABS activation doesn’t work TC activation may do although I hear nothing carsft the pump it does get to ‘completed’ status. Hope you can understand. If I can help let me know.

I was trying to install with Magic. I recognize that Carsoft and especially this hacked version is not looked kindly upon in the forum.

Well, it is made in China so, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised but now here is the real kicker If anyone reading this has any wisdom to share on this matter, I’m like a sponge. Service Guarantee Free Technical support, One year warranty.