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Manual Call Point programming parameters. 33 The FC control panel must be powered by BENTEL than detectors and/or manual call points to. TYCO and BENTEL SECURITYsrl shall not assume ble devices (Detectors, Modules, Manual call Points, etc). . performance adopted by Bentel Security. Bentel products must meet strict high quality standards, call-backs are minimal, except .. Weight (without battery): 2,8 Kg CALL-R24 Self-Powered siren. Bentel .

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The smart, low-profile HS hornstrobe blends with all environments, making it ideal for hotels, hospitals, cinemas, offices and households. The combination of optical and heat technology allows detection of clear burning fire products which hitherto could only be easily detected by ion-chamber detectors.


Outdoor color camera with pinhole lens, 4 wires, door opening contact. Show all products Hide discontinued products Show only products with reduced price Show only new products Show only products with special offer Show only discontinued products Show only outlet products. Bentel RF remote controller, 4 buttons, MHz, waterproof design, supervised operation.

Only when a rapid rise in temperature is detected does the sensitivity of the detector increase and the presence of smoke will confirm a fire condition which will be trasmitted as an alarm level.

Indoor audio secondary unit for 4 wires equipments, white. All detectors also carry a mandatory CE mark. Each detection zone is equipped with an alarmrepeat output for selective alarm management in the event of fire.

The complete range has been designed to meet the requirements of the EN European Standards for fire detectors. It has 8 zones, each supports up to 21 detectors, for a maximum of detectors. ORDER CODES Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Heat detectors – Point detectors Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Smoke detectors – Point detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization Heat detectors offer an acceptable, but less sensitive alternative to smoke detectors if environmental conditions rule out their use.


Commax rain shield for video kit, outd. For general use and particular where the ambient temperature may be low, a rate of rise heat detector H-R is to be preferred. It has 8 zones main board and supports two JEXP8 expander modules, for a total of 24 zones and detectors. Bentel wireless door contact, MHz, supervised operation. In call-r244 a unique chamber cover actually draws slow moving smoke into bentep chamber to provide a more responsive detector.

Indoor audio unit, 2 wires, white, without power supply, 12 VDC.

Designed and made according to EN54 standards, the J is a microprocessor based control panel for medium fall-r24 large applications. For normal ambient conditions the HPO behaves as cal,-r24 normal detector. A special version of the MCP provides local led indication of stand by or cal-lr24 status. The integrated rate-of-rise heat detector acts as a normal heat detector, additionally anhancing the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide detector if a rapid change of temperature is detected by the detectors thermistor.

Self-powered External Siren with Flasher. As smoke is normally present at an early stage in most fires, smoke detectors optical or high performance optical are therefore considered the most useful. A fixed temperature limit is also incorporated in these detectors. Each detection zone has an alarm-repeat output for selective management in the event of fire. By category By manufacturer. These pulses are converted to an electrical signal which is compared against a preset alarm calp-r24.


Incorporation of A1R rate of rise heat detector within the CH provides extra non-selectable detection modes which allows the detector to operate in a wide variety of applications where combined risk mean that CO detection alone would be insufficient. It can be mounted in a custom surface mounting back box or flush mounted to the majority of outlet box formats available in europe.

Commax outdoor color video unit with door opening contact, wall mounting, aluminium case. Complete with restore key. Outdoor unit for 1 appartment, 2 wires, wall mounting. The incorporation of a reliable electrochemical CO detection cell and high ccall-r24 low thermal mass thermistor for accurate temperature calo-r24 has enabled the introduction of an enhanced CO detector suitable for fast, reliable detection on both slow and fast developing fires.

Commax outdoor unit with color cam.

Bentel Security | Declarations of Conformity

In situations where the installation of smoke detectors would cause an unacceptable level of false alarms, heat detectors or the enhanced CO fire detectors may be installed. These detectors are call-r2 suitable for general applications and areas.

The MCP is a stylish easy-to-install manual call point, is it ideal for internal environments that require manual activation and inhibition of fire alarms and fire extinguishments systems.