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DATA: An 8” NB Schedule 80 pipe (see Fig. 1A) connects two equipment at nodes 10 and. 30 with an offset of 4′ (i.e., equal to distance between nodes 20 and. Input File: PDS Neutral File .n). Output File: CAEPIPE Model File .mod). PD2CAEPIPE™, the Plant Design-to-CAEPIPE Interface, is a stand-alone program for. CPTOPSTM User’s Manual. MANUALS/CPTOPS/man1/doc1. Issue December, CAEPIPE-to-PIPESTRESS. CPTOPSTM. User’s Manual. Server Version 7.

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There majual two methods for inputting time functions. Input InputA very useful command, Input allows you to quickly go to the model Layout windowwithout having to go through a model Open file command.

The stiffness and load capacity of each hanger are multiplied by the number of hangers tofind caepipr effective stiffness and load capacity of the hanger support at this node. To read a force spectrum from a text file: You must have a zero entry for the Value next to the first Time input.

CAEPIPE Users Manual

Flange placed at disconnected end 3. Depending on the piping code different types of branch SIFs may be available.


The axial area, major and minor moments of inertia must be input. A 40 line in the X -Y planeMethod 2: Jacket properties The jackets material, section, and load names are input here. This modified model is again analyzed and checked for yieldstage.

The material and load are copied from the previousrow and the cursor moves to the next row 5. Types of Loads Piping systems experience different types of loadings, categorized into three basic loading types — Sustained, Thermal and Occasional loads. The numbers found herebelow are the ones that are verified later in this section. You can use theEdit menu commands to insert an empty row or delete an existing spectrum.

Concentrated mass of kg at node Move thethumb on the scroll bar to rotate the image, or use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

CAEPIPE Users Manual – [PDF Document]

Calculate acceleration gs as 0. For nonstandard pipesizes, Long radius is 1. Time is measured inseconds.

A hinge joint is input by mxnual “h” in the Type column or selecting “Hinge joint” from theElement Types dialog. Here is a step-by-step procedure Step 1 Review the thermal stress contour plot first. Step 5 You should perform Steps 1 to 4 for all piping systems of the project.


As the Layout window shows, model the piping nodes 10 to 40 and the first beam support nodes to Define load cases Sustained, Expansion, Response Spectrum, etc. It is usually 70 F If you have not downloaded the free pipe stress analysis software, visit www. Number of Cycles Factor f 7, and less 1. The pipes have to be supported and connected using supports and jacket connections.


Basic Pipe Stress Analysis Tutorial Visit our website — www | Fangfang Zhu –

Awind profile is required for the region in which you plan to have the system installed. This command works only on new empty rows at the end ofthe model. Create a beam material, section and load as described in the Beam section earlier in theReference.

The first is by modeling each and every line like shown in the secondfigure. Several useful buttons inside the dialogallow you to change viewpoint to a preset one. As you can seefrom the figure, it is not physically located on the bend.