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Equipment Create your own organizational system. Organizing elements such. bulthaup interior designers: Architects of the living space bulthaup . types of installation create the impression of a “ floating” kitchen. bulthaup b3 is the design. – The universal bulthaup design system encapsulates “state of the art” like no other. This system offers an incredibly wide range of versatile design.

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The functional flat basin makes more out of a water point. Use wood, plastic, or stainless steel, depending on your personal taste. The result is a homogeneous unit in your living space. Change the design every day according to your preferences or your evolving repertoire of tools. The evenly through-dyed material is exceptionally resilient and very durable. By continuing to use this website you approve the use of cookies and the collection of personal and website related data.

En route for Milan. Soft-touch lacquer A gentle caress for eyes and fingers The material confounds popular expectations of a lacquered surface. Three solid wood layers, sandwiched together with two fine aluminum layers, create an attractive edge. The end result is an overall better quality of life. Experience them for yourself at a showroom near you. Arrange a non-binding consultation using this form.

Storage, preparation and cooking will be the ultimate of simplicity and convenience. Find your retailer Enter your location street, town search locate.


B3 | Kitchen with island By Bulthaup

You have the freedom to arrange these just the way you want. There are bu,thaup and foot-supported versions available to suit every aesthetic taste and personal circumstances.

It’s essential that kitchen utensils and ingredients are close by. The showrooms and trade-fair booths in Milan offered visionary examples and real concept ideas.

bulthaup b3 monoblock

In the past, the hearth was the point in the kitchen around which people would gather. Give us two possible dates and times for a personal consultation in the bulthaup showroom of your choice. En route for Milan. The floor-standing island looks sculptural in the room and offers its user an abundance of storage space. The doors are solid and heavy, and yet simple and light to operate.

The work area is the most buthaup used part of the kitchen. Metal has a truthful character. In your kitchen, you will spend many happy years carefully preparing ingredients and handling objects that are sometimes scalding hot or freezing cold. Instead, it surprises us with a visual and tactile experience.

Are they being reduced to a buthaup items of furniture or expanding into new spatial concepts? You decide how to put this additional storage space to use.

Printed catalogue Please fill in the form to request a printed catalogue. Worktop The answer to your needs. The showrooms and trade-fair booths in Milan offered visionary examples and real concept ideas. This holistically thought-out modular system makes everyday work much easier. We would love for you to visit us at a showroom near you. Bukthaup appointment Every bulthaup kitchen is unique, since every living space planned and created with bulthaup is tailored to the specific needs of the user.


How are kitchens changing in bulhtaup digital age? The material’s unique colors change with the light. The dealer you have chosen will contact you shortly to arrange an appointment. Water point A unique system offering new opportunities Washing hands, cleaning and chopping vegetables, washing dishes — with the right equipment, the sink becomes a multi-functional workstation.

Stainless steel tells a story of standing up to tremendous technical and functional demands, such as the kind made of it in professional kitchens. Functional flat basin Preparing made easy. Options include elements such as the knife block, chopping board, or mixer faucet.

Veneer Accomplished nature A bulthaup b3 veneer front is a custom-made, one-of-a kind-creation made from a unique trunk. It becomes the center of communication, of shared cooking and enjoyment. Cookie Usage To be able to continuously hulthaup this website we use cookies. To give you an idea of the countless events throughout the city we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the most promising among them. The process of anodizing aluminum, creates the degree of resilience required of the material and produces a nuanced palette of lighter and darker shades.