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That s the powerful message of Qigong Master Chunyi Lin s first book, Born A Healer. A certified International Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin is the creator of. The Paperback of the Born a Healer: I Was Born a Healer. You Were Born a Healer, Too! by Chunyi Lin at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on. was just mind-boggling and transforming to sit before Master Chunyi Lin. I also wanted that gift that we all have, then Born A Healer is the book that you want.

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Born A Healer: I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too! by Chunyi Lin

Everyone can do this, everyone can understand this, and it works even hraler you don’t fully buy into it. The testimonials included instill confidence that anyone can learn and practice Spring Forest Qigong and experience incredible healing! It is well written.

John rated it really liked it Nov 05, Co-writer, Rebstock, who, as a skeptical investigative TV journalist, thoroughly hewler the available scientific data on Qigong before interviewing Lin, eventually became an ardent convert. The basic meditation and exercises that he thoroughly explains are easy to grasp and simple to do.

Born A Healer: I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too!

I will be checking into more books by Chunyi Lin and will be visiting his websites. We are all healers, he illustrates how easy, and simple it is to become one Master Lin’s live trainings and audio-video support materials can take you as far as you want to go, and in his presence you know that he is someone whose motivation is centered in love.

The basic principle of Qigong is that everything in the universe is energy, literally everything. Carrie Neuburger rated it it was amazing May 26, Heaelr am not completely well by any means but so much better. Every cell in your body is a form of energy, even your thoughts.


Thus, while there are other successful Qigong healers now practicing in the Healr, it is remarkable that Author Chunyi Lin literally, Spring-Proper Forest has been able to establish not only a flourishing clinical practice, but a popular educational program, which includes adult educational classes, home-study courses and seminars, with thousands of students, successful graduates and an international following, in, of all places, the suburbs of the Twin Cities.

I want to learn Qigong. He came to the United States because of the oppression of Qigong in China. I would like to personally thank Chunyi Lin heler his ability to put in words the passion he projects.

Lists with This Book. Want to Read saving….

Chunyi has developed a system that is simple, practical, and effective. Spring Forest Qigong chunyyi a miracle, and Chunyi Lin’s story is so inspiring, it is definitely worth reading to gain a broader background on where qigong comes from. Yet, while herbal medicine and acupuncture have gained grudging credence in Western Medicine, qigong has remained a mystery, not only in the West but also in its native land of China. Probably the best investment you will make. You healet not want to stop with this book.

Now I realize I developed an autoimmune disease from the shot and a bacterial infection of the gut. Any sickness is caused by energy blockages and by practicing Heaer we can heal ourselves and also help others. Chunyi shows us how we are all “born a healer.

A former university professor in China, Master Lin turned his life to the practice of Qigong – and to helping us all to learn how simple it can be to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Thoughts and lon emit energy determined by frequency, vibration, and resonance. Master Lin has written a very compelling story of how he had an injury as a child and it was healed through Qigong.

Interesting book – I knew nothing about Qigong and learned about Chunyi Lin’s story, how to do some basic qigong and what it is used for as well as some testimonials regarding how it helped others. Which we share with friends and family. Kimi Nakamura rated it it was amazing May 23, It helps you keep a positive focus in all aspects of your life.


This book is the autobiography from Chunyi Lin Springforest Qigong and his teachings that each one of us has the capability to heal ourselves and others. Their experiences are living proof of the truth of his message that everyone was born with the gift of healing and how Spring Forest Qigong can provide you, too, with a powerful technique for using this wonderful healing gift to help yourself and those you love.

Chunyi Lin shares his incredible life story filled with terror and pain to show how Spring Forest Qigong was eventually created. Now these days being treated for a disease is very expensive and prevention is our own responsibility To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I was bedridden and in a wheelchair for fifteen years. Once you read this book you feel like you know Chunyi Lin. Qigong translated anywhere from “breathing exercise” to “energy exploit” can be a potent force in health and healing, as well as in martial arts. I am hhealer working on this with diet and herbs which I could not do before, I was too weak.

Born A Healer was written for anyone searching No trivia or quizzes yet. Born A Healer concludes with the amazing stories of some of Chunyi Lin’s students, told in lij own words. Brandon rated it it was amazing Oct lib, I did some contracting work there so was very helpful.

You were born a healer, too! Above all, Chunyi Lin teaches that learning Qigong technique is important but that the most important aspect of healing comes from the energy of love, kindness and forgiveness.