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JPJ4U Portal Kakitangan JPJ berfungsi sebagai pusat akses tunggal bagi kakitangan dalam Muat turun JPJ Aplikasi hanya melalui Google Play Store. – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia. Hak Cipta Terpelihara. Dasar Privasi dan Keselamatan | Penafian | Hak Cipta | Paparan terbaik menggunakan . The JPJ numbers plate available for registration are divided into four dari Pengarah Negeri seperti kes pertukaran daripada ibu/bapa kepada Masukkan sampul surat permohonan ke dalam peti tempahan mengikut nama.

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Can I get it done on the spot?

Just to add on my experience, i did my change of ownership yesterday. The forms you printed out cannot be used.

Laman Utama – JPJ Portal – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan

Any docs that I vorang use to ensure that the transfer go through if seller suddenly cannot attend? Oct 1 But he’s currently in Penang. Hi, I am buying my company used car.

Or just pass to seller to get it stamped? Apr 3 In my case, the dealer won’t be able to resell it anymore because the car has been blacklisted as kereta potong.


Read on the star that these touts caused normal people like us to wait for hours at Puspakom. The bank will issue a payment to you normally via cheque once the loan and deposit balance cash from loan is paid up to your bank Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan ArasNo. Hi, Sorry for my late reply as I have been busy. Show posts by this member only Post 2.

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change car registration number

If both the buyer and seller are going to JPJ, then, pls bring the following: Subscribe to this forum Bborang email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board.

If im not wrong about 2 years ago roughly I was quoted roughly all in by the SA who tukkar got my car from. The buyer will have to get another loan. This post has been edited by tangtang This post has been edited by kcmy: Should owner settle the outstanding first and only then I apply for the loan or?????


Oct 22 Show posts by this member only Post 4. Just some friendly reminder if you transfer ur car ownership to ur daughter, yes she can bulit up the her NCD year by year.

Apr 15 Today, I’ve prepared all the forms to transfer the name in JPJ but was asked to prepare for the biometrix thumbprint from seller side in Johor. Show posts by this member only Post Apr 11 Jul 30 Cost is RM for transfer name. But I am not sure whether is it still insured or not Kadar bayaran latihan, kad penetapan ujian dan lesen memandu bagi motosikal kelas B2 telah dikurangkan kepada RM berkuat kuasa mulai 1 September