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Bootstrapping Your Business has 34 ratings and 7 reviews. Greg said: I read about a third of this book. I enjoyed the Montana Greg Gianforte. · Rating. Bootstrapping Your Business by Greg Gianforte, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. [PDF] Download Bootstrapping Your Business: Start and Grow a Successful Company with Almost No Money By Greg Gianforte AUDIOBOOK.

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Refresh and try again. You have to take that. In addition, the company has a person marketing department and a slew of glossy brochures that are aimed at developing and promoting RightNow’s once-neglected brand.

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This is a book I could read through in one sitting if I had the spare time grev. Bootstrapping may be the best way to start a company, but is it the best way to continue to build one? You have a sales strategy that works.

It compels you to be creative, and it’s an acid test for figuring out whether you’ve got a real business or just a plausible-sounding business plan. Charles F rated it it was ok May 14, But Gianforte still wants his top software developers to talk to at least five customers a week. Jun rated it really liked it Nov 04, Platzer Peter rated it really liked it Feb 12, Gianforte began charging for RightNow software within three months of its release.

The same approach will work for bootstrappers outside the software industry, Gianforte insists. There is some great advice in here for any kind of start-up, but a significant portion of the concepts only apply if you are entering the B2B space.

So many useful tips for start up companies on how to do it with little to no money. The concept behind RightNow — that companies could use software to help reduce E-mail inquiries — was a new one to most potential customers. Jun 30, Mike Smith rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Rob Love rated it really liked it Oct 30, It allows you to determine very quickly, without much money, if you have a viable business idea. After realizing that he couldn’t spend the rest of his life fly-fishing, Gianforte started his second major venture, RightNow Technologies Inc.


Threeyees rated it really liked it Jan 01, No trivia or quizzes yet. Jun 20, Ademola Morebise rated it it was amazing. It’s a demo Web site that copies the look and feel of a potential customer’s Web site, with RightNow software loaded in. After a couple of weeks of calling, Gianforte knew exactly what his potential customers wanted. Admittedly, when Gianforte talks about how he started RightNow, some of what he says sounds like nothing more than good entrepreneurship, period.

You could say, ‘Well, you signed up for that data sheet. You’re breaking my wallet!

Bootstrapping Your Business: Start and Grow a Successful Company with Almost No Money

At first he gave the software away to anyone who would use it — a move that might seem counterintuitive, given a bootstrapper’s appetite for cash.

Unlike so many entrepreneurs starting Internet companies at roughly the same time, Gianforte decided not to hire any marketing executives or to look for someone to forge strategic alliances. He moved to Bozeman in because he’d fallen in love with Montana on a junior-high-school backpacking trip, and because he thought it would be a good place to raise his kids. These days RightNow doesn’t ask customers to pay development costs for new features, as a rule.

Bootstrapping Your Business : Start and Grow a Successful Company with Almost No Money

Not only are they too expensive, says Gianforte, but they’re a terrible way to meet customers. To ask other readers questions about Bootstrapping Your Businessplease sign up.

On the other hand, Gianforte came up with an alternative to expensive marketing brochures — a concept that remains a key part of RightNow’s selling strategy. He settled his family in a rambling, cedar-shingled house just outside Bozeman, on a spread big enough that he gets a couple hundred pounds of buffalo meat every year in exchange for supplying a neighbor’s herd with hay from his field.


Emily Barker is a senior staff writer at Inc. But in the late s, he says, when venture capital was flowing freely, the practice fell out of favor — except among stalwart bootstrappers like Gianforte.

Not that it wasn’t fun; it just wasn’t enough. Indeed, most of the other entrants into the Internet customer-relationship-management market have introduced more-expensive software, says senior analyst Charles Rider of Patricia Seybold Group Inc.

After fourteen years on the front line, Paul identified various methods that worked for him during the ups and downs of his dry cleaning business.

Without the money, says Gianforte, “we would have executed the same plan, but it would have been a little slower. But in Augustwhen the founder made his first technical hire vice-president of product development Michael Myerhe was adding overhead.

If you live in Montana you’ll enjoy the different stories of businesses and people that worked hard and made it.

Bootstrapping Your Business : Greg Gianforte :

So far he was just identifying an opportunity, like any other smart entrepreneur. It’s not hard to see which one is closer to Gianforte’s heart.

First, he launched an incubator and started mentoring local entrepreneurs. Not always, says Gianforte. Although rapid prototyping is common in the software industry, Gianforte took it to extremes, says David Bayless, a former venture capitalist in Bozeman who advised Gianforte during RightNow’s start-up phase. For the first year and a half, all we boootstrapping was build product businesx sell product. Sam rated it liked it Jun 06,