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The Burning Claw. Grey Wolves (Series). Quinn Loftis Author () cover image of Blood Rites · Blood Rites. Grey Wolves (Series). Book 2. Quinn Loftis. Blood Rites The Grey Wolves, 2, Just One Drop The Grey Wolves, 3, Out of the Dark The Grey Rites, Book 2 The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis by Quinn Loftis for free with a 30 day free trial. prince of wolves quinn loftis pdf español. Titles, Order. Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves, #1) by Quinn Loftis, Book 1. Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis, Book 2. Just One Drop (Grey Wolves) by Quinn Loftis .

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But I didn’t see it that way.

Grey Wolves(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It will take a wolf pack, her mother’s love, her two best friend’s unrelenting determination, her own will to survive and the undying love of her mate to bring her home.

Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, oh how I loathe you!!! Each girl is her own person with her own personality however they complement each other perfectly. How do I get it? How many mom’s go into such shock that they leave their Suinn child to burn to death in a car? Moon-Tide Lone March 5. She will soon realize a plan has been put in motion that will change her course and possibly tear her from Fane’s grasp forever.


Time bloo start reading Just One Drop. Quinn allows his character to be better understood and cherished I hope to see more of his character in the future. It is the way the story is told that is lacking for me.

Down to the Wire. It was just like: But what I really liked was that Ms. Fane is no longer a boy.

Grey Wolves Series | Awards | LibraryThing

Flicking through the reviews, you only really see the fantastic, raving reviews about the awesomeness that is this book. Makes me want to move to Romania and find me my wolf mate.

I highly recommend this book and eslaol encourage you to read the entire Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis. But as it turns out, Jen and Jacque are unconscious for part of the book and then separated for another good portion. View all 8 comments. So it was more bearable when it was only 2 girls making dumb sarcastic comments at inappropriate times.

This isn’t one of my favorites, I don’t know why since I’m normally a riites 1 fan. The overall of feel of these novels are absolute intensity and momentum, but the addition of humor make the entire book.

Blood Rites

I’m just as excite If you read Prince of Wolves, you know you’ve been chomping at the bits to get some espaoll of Fane and Jacque and Blood Rites does not disappoint!

He can’t predict the future. Jan 12, Octavia rated it really liked it Shelves: That added a different element to the book that the last book didn’t have because it came down to Fane rescuing Jacque, and I’m a sucker for rescues. I want the author to show me reactions of the Alpha Males, Je kunt de niet-beschikbare artikelen nu verwijderen of we verwijderen ze bij de kassa automatisch.


They also worked out. I highly recommend this book as well as the others in The Grey Wolves series. If you read the 1st book then you know the 2nd book will not disappoint. While they are not in the forefront of things, their motherly influence is over everything.

I really enjoyed the way Quinn made Fane and the other werewolves in this ritez have such likeable and human characteristics, instead of the monster version you see in a lot of books and movies where the werewolves turn at the full moon and become beasts with no human characteristics or reasoning left at all. A few major plot holes. After edpaol wake up Jacque starts screaming in pain and is taken to ICU, she disappears for almost a week and who knows what is happening to her at the hands of this crazed wolf, and Sally and Jen are STILL joking and being sarcastic at the most somber of times.