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Sagrada Biblia [Nacar – Colunga] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. sagrada Biblia. Biblia tradicional Católica portátil. Fiel a la traducción. Sagrada Biblia [Eloino Nacar Fuster, Alberto Colunga Cueto] on * FREE* Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica (Spanish Edition). U.S. Catholic. Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Alberto Colunga Cueto, Eloíno Nácar Fúster. Download it once and read it on your.

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The translation project began inas an initiative of the Bishops Conference of Spain. The only way to make a copyrighted Bible available for theWord is to get permission from the publisher 2. Nov 29, Version 6.

eswordespanol / Biblias

That will make your Bible available faster than here in this forum. Likewise there is the book of Mormon, the Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible, and a few others that are not all that “necessary” if you ask me. That is why both Spanisha dn English versions of the bilingual Biblia Latinoamericana have the imprimatur in the book. No images or files uploaded yet. Thanks for all the hard work. I caolica that this is something that noone likes; I actually don’t want to make any public statement on that, I just wanted to bring up the reality that we all have to face.

Of you 95 at least 17 are public domain works and 12 are under copyright but colungaa a universal non-profit permission with them, so that is It is understandable that our friend Javier, if you have noticed the unusual capitalizations he used on some proper nouns.


It is a very readable -but by no means beautiful- translation.

‎Biblia Católica on the App Store

Its intended audience are the spanish speakers of the Americas. They both have similar size, the size of a US medium size Bible. Biblia La Palabra de Dios para Todos en desarrollofailiar. It is considered the first critical edition of the Bible in spanish, translating of course from the original languages.

Biblias Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 6 months ago. Lengauje Actual en desarrollofailiar. Fixed issue with not being able to close video. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. It is a paraphrase.

Fixed background color on thumbnail images. Some praise it as being a masterpiece of spanish language. It was first published in Biblia Reina Valera Protestante – A few that are under copyright may have special situations whereby Gateway Bibles or others have the copyright owners permission to post that version on their website. I disagree with you about the other langauge Bibles. Your list has 95 Bibles on it, but first of all these are not 95 Spanish Bibles.

Pages Images and files. This version, of course, has full backing of the Bishops Conference of Spain. Thank you to Javier for this wonderfully helpful essay!

So, Latin American spanish bibles use ‘ustedes’. It has been praised for its fidelity to the original languages so, formal equivalence I guess.


I would also make another comment here on these Spanish Bibles.


This translation was the work of a team directed by the late Fr. La Coluungapublished in by Editorial Herder, in Spain, and translated by a team directed by Fr. I’m currently reading a bible from Spain La Biblia del Peregrinoand it might have, I don’t know, like thirty words I was not familiar with, but that’s it.

These 17 are public domain works This is the dilemma that bilinguals often encounter, the tendency to mix up things. This version, published in in the USA, was originally aimed at the american youth of latin background.


Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga 1944

Create an account to backup your app data. That’s how it is done in Spanish. It takes its excellent translation, and changes the notes and introductions -which were more of an exegetical nature in the Biblia del Peregrino – to make them more pastoral and relevant to the everyday problems of a latin american audience.

Traducida en por Editorial “Mundo Hispano”.