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In BFG, they are a very strong fleet against all but the Necrons. In BFG the Eldar are represented by three lists, Corsair Eldar, Craftworld Eldar. Can someone familiar with BFG tabletop tell me how 6 new factions Eldar Corsairs are good old Craftworld Eldar we had in game 1 but with. From For everyone, who want to know more about the other Factions of the Eldar race. 😉 Dark Eldar.

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The Void Stalker is available once your fleet is points minimum actually fielded or more. Start a New Discussion. Frankly they need not have bothered. While most cruisers can sustain more damage prior to reduction of its offensive capability than a squadron of escorts, Craftsorld Eldar capital ship vulnerability to critical damage erase this edge in my opinion.

Such craftwworld of strengths and weaknesses will likely result in Eldar fleets being a predominantly escorts based fleet. The torp option does not give a new model so to say.

The final weakness of the Eldar craftwoorld that holofields do not work against Necrons. Both the Solaris and Aurora are Forgeworld models and as an American, this means both will cost more money wise as well. Besides I really cant see how pirate groups can grow battleships but the big craftworlds cannot, it makes no sense.

Eldar lances can re-roll successful hits, yes successful hits, for up to ceaftworld hits. On both the offensive and defensive components of the game, Corsair Eldars are strong, very strong. I also like the concept of the ghostship.

As luck would have it however, I have recently finished up my Craftworl Eldar Dragon ship model, the last unpainted model in my recently featured Craftworld Eldar fleet. What are your main bfh with design and list? Email required Address never made public. Eldar torpedoes and batteries are both great craftwrold for just 40 points this is another great option.

While Corsair Eldar have a significant amount of offensive and defensive capability, they should be used with care like a sharp blade rather than a blunt instrument. The fifth weakness of the Eldar is that holofields are not shields, thus when any Eldar ships move through blast markers once per move whether in its own movement phase or its own ordnance phase it can suffer a damage on a roll of 6 their movement is also reduced by 5 cm.


For the same craftwodld you can get 2 Aconites with 10 batteries and 2 hits points splitting fire between two Aconites. Asyran View Profile View Posts. Well looks cratworld subjective, I personally find the pirate fleets look better. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Next up is the Aconite, a battery ship.

Craftworld- and Dark Eldar! – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Apr 21, The next cruiser is the Shadow for points with 6 hits points, 4 torpedoes and 12 batteries. Really there is no need to bother with the ‘craftworld’ fleets at all.

The Aurora at points also has 4 hits points but is armed with 4 torpedoes and 2 lances. I crftworld been getting a bit of painting in and should have some more exciting sutff ready for you soon.

The torp option on the Void Stalker is unofficial by the way. But look at the Imperial Navy or Chaos cruisers: Move in, attack, move out and away before the enemy can respond. Last up is the Hellebore, a great model in my opinion. Shadow Cruiser by Arithon. Hi guys, Sorry things have been a little sloww of late, I have been in London and away from my models.

Like the other also rans in the game such as Dark Eldar you get a handful of units to use. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Remember that in BFG higher leadership facilitates special maneuvers and actions in the form of Special Orders.

Additional info can be found here. I think I may go back and rewash the spacefleet wraithships now just to bring the fleet fbg a bit more.

Note when facing against combined Eldar torpedo and bomber attacks, save your turrets for the bombers rather than wasting them on the torpedoes. I hope everyone eldsr doing well and getting lots of hobbying done.

Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. First up is the Hemlock, essentially a flying lance. This ship should definitely be considered for inclusion once it becomes available.


Can anyone propose a good CWE list? While Eldar batteries are indeed great and 5 of them are even better, for 65 points they are a tad expensive. Second up is the Nightshade, a torpedo 2 ship also armed with a battery. Unfortunately, while the package of lance, torpedoes, and battery looks impressive, for 75 points it is too pricy.

BFG: Craftworld Eldar Dragon Ship

Such opportunities will not likely present naturally and as an Eldar player you must be both patient and manipulative. They’d also offer a great opportunity for a price-intense dlc with their own campaign for instance, first u’ll have to pirate through the sector, then realise your craftworld is threatened as well if the imperial sector falls, thus joining your forces with them and so on. Corsair Eldar Guest Columnist April 9, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: By the juice of the brew my thoughts aquire speed, my mind becomes strained, the strain becomes a warning.

For the exact same points you can get 2 Nightshades and 2 Aconites, yielding the exact same weapon layouts with 4 hits points across 4 targets. In BFG, they are a very strong fleet against all but the Necrons. The Eclipse is the only cruiser with launch bays 4 and this alone makes this cruiser worthy of consideration.

Corsair Eldar Void Stalker 1 model, 2 game variants, 1 being unofficial Eclipse 1 model, 1 game variant Shadow 1 model, 1 game variant Aurora 1 model, 1 game variant Solaris 1 model, 1 game variant Hellebore 1 model, 1 game variant Aconite 1 model, 1 game variant Nightshade 1 model, 1 game variant Hemlock 1 model, 1 game variant Craftworld Eldar Flame of Asuryan 1 model, 1 game variant Dragonship 1 core model – with 4 different weapon combinations, 4 game variants Wraithship 1 core model – with 4 different weapon combinations, 4 game variants Shadowhunter 1 core model with – 2 different weapons, 2 game variants In the rules doc they could have made a separate entry per Dragonship variant but they didn’t.