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Khutba e Fidak Urdu – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Bagh e by Muhammad Tariq Hanafi Sunni Lahori. Usage CC0 Universal. Topics Bagh e , urdu, islamic book. Collection. Hazrat Syedina Abubakr Siddique aur dosray Khulafa nay Bagh e Fidak kyu Syeda Fatima RaziAllah anha aur Ahlebait kay hawalay nahe kia.

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Bagh e Fidak.pdf

November 19, at Encyclopaedia of Islam Online. The distinction urdk the two is understood from the narration of al- Bukhari, who transmits the same hadith and quotes Abu Hurairah as saying, “Complete the bagj, for Abu ‘l-Qasim may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: Ibn Taimiyya wrote in his Minhaj al-Sunnah that Muhammad appointed Amr ibn al-As as the governor of the Khaybar oasis [4] Following the death of Muhammad, scholars disagreed as to whether Fadak was exclusively his property.

Was she ignorant of the Hadeeth of her father? That which Allah giveth as spoil unto His messenger from the people of the townships, it is for Allah and His messenger and for the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, that it urfu not a commodity between the rich among you.

Yaha Ladai ki koi baat hi nahi hai Hum ahle bait k muhabbat me ande nahi hui hai. All Reference are compiled We have already advanced evidence that refutes the last paragraph, proving: Whenever sunnis argue with shias due to their criticism for certain companions, they bring up the hadith of Ashra Mubashra, or shall i s January 30, at 1: He stated as follows in Minhaj as Sunnah:.


He did not inform Abu Bakr about her death and offered the funeral prayer over her himself. Fatima as died the death of Jahilyah naudobillah.

Thursday, May 31, Ridaa Fatima ji i have History of islam ibn e Khuldoon Book. Abu Talib recited the Tashahhud.

Kisi k pas ibn e khuldoon ki history of Islam book hai tou kindly reply kry. This aftetnoon is fixed im swearing allegiance to you.

Fadak – Wikipedia

Do as you deem advisable. At that time the Muhajireen and Ansar were summoned, a purdah was made between Fatima and the Sahaba. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. October 27, at 5: We recognise your moral excellence and what Allah has bestowed upon you. According to Sunnis, Muhammad didn’t gift Urd to his daughter.

During the lifetime of Fatima, ‘All received special regard from the people. Posted by abdullah On 2: Allah behtar janeny wala ha!

Was she not already Rafeeq ul Alameen, or is she dependent on the plea of a band of Nawasib? Umar ke Haqeeqat from Sahih Bukhari. As evidence we shall cite the following esteemed Sunni works:.

The descendent cautioned that after drawing the borders of the garden of Fadak, Harun would no longer want to relinquish it. Edited June 20, by soldier of Allha.

Lekin jhoot ki buniyaade bahot kamzoor hotein hai janab!!!!! Kam se kam aapko itna to mil hi jayega k fatema zehra abu bakr se naaraaz hui aur 6 mahine tak zinda rahi aur duniya se ruksat hui. June 8, at 1: Al-Imamah wa al-Siyasa, Vol. Aur kitabe jaane dijiye. We encourage visitors to the forum to ficak any objectionable message in site feedback.

He had not yet owed allegiance to him as Caliph during these months. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


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Maaze k baat to ye hai janab k aap ki bukhari me likha hai k Janabe fatema zehra apne Haq k liye Abu Bakr k darbaar me gayein aur Abu Bakr ne ye keh kar inkar kar diya k nabi ki hadees hai k nabi koi cheez virasat me nahi chhodte. What will they do to me?

Bagh E Fidak Shia Sunni Nazariyat Ki Roshni Main By Nawab Muhsin Ul Mulk Mehdi Ali Khan

Comment Sayyida Fatima as is no doubt from the loins of Adam, but her anger and distress is on par with the anger and distress of Allah swt and his Prophet s. So he sought to make peace with Abu Bakr and offer his allegiance to him. And some unreliable narrators narrated from Malik from Jaffar bin Muhammad from his father the same.

The English translator of this edition of Tabari Ismail Poonawalla in the footnote of this narration urd three other Sunni sources wherein these facts can be found. Umar set fire to the house of Fatema Zehra s.