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This is a collection of tutorials for the AutoIt scripting language. With AutoIt, it is possible to automate many aspects of Windows. Including mouse movements. LEARNING TO SCRIPT WITH AUTOIT V3. Page 2. Table of Download and Install AutoIt V3. What is contained in this tutorial?. This AutoIT Tutorial teaches you in making your own automation application and do a 1 click process of your installations.

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AutoIt boasts a very large community of both professional and hobbyist coders, all of whom volunteer their time to assist with scripting questions.

Now download “Autoit editor” by clicking on ‘Downloads’ button. Finding element through element Identifier and writing script on AutoIT editor.

Tutorial – Notepad

The template is stored at “C: We can open it by maximizing it. The good feature of AutoIT is that it is somewhat like Eclipse that suggests you some of the methods. Now we know what it does, right click on your. Now we can use this file in Selenium webdriver script. Element identifier is already opened and minimized as the element is already identified in above step 3.


Screenshots are desirable for bug analysis. Autoit script is used in selenium webdriver script.

After download you will get two setup file as shown in below screen, first is AutoIt version 3 setup and second is Scitautoit3. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This will create an.

Now save the script and close the editor. Now, we will take the values from element identifier for ‘ControlFocus’ and ‘ControlSetText’ methods as these methods works on same element i. We ignore 2nd parameter; the text is not required. For compiling this script, you have two options ” compile script x64 ” and ” compile script x86 “, if you have windows bit machine then u go with ” compile script x86 ” and for windows bit machine then u go with ” compile script x To run the script simply double-click the helloworld.

Element Identifier identifies the elements of file uploader window.

Tutorial – HelloWorld

After following the above step, don’t close the windows editor and element identifierkeep it remain open. Right click on your. Remember, if you want to use more than one flag value then simply add the required values together. It is tutoiral that you are already familiar with creating and running AutoIt scripts as shown in the HelloWorld tutorial.

This is the scripting file that AutoIT will be using and where we will be placing our code. Now drag the finder tool on the “Open” button element of file uploader window to find the basic attribute information. This method sets focus to the ‘file name’ text box of the file uploader window. More tutorials can possibly be found and will be added to this page in time.


Tutorial – HelloWorld

Hover on ‘Autoit’ and ‘Autoit Editor’ dropdown. Be careful with the quotation marks because the line from USSF and the line needed in the code have them in different places. After we are sure the Notepad window is visible we want to type in some text. The code you see is simply some comments that you can use to organize your scripts. These values are used in writing AutoIT script as explained in below step 4.

There are lots of method available which we can use in a script according to the requirement, but right now we will focus on the below methods as these methods are required for writing file upload script: