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Follow the instructions in the CCS Manual. Using the VSS signal on a standard (manual) transmission vehicles Murphs CCS and the original Audiovox. only, and is not intended to replace the CCS Installation Manual. Manual, for those persons that choose to install the CCS cruise. Auto and car manuals and free pdf automotive manual instructions. Find the user manual Audiovox CCS Automobile Accessories User Manual. Page 1.

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If you are using the VSS signal, you do not have to connect the blue tachometer wire. Use the Rostra Electronic Cruise if you live at high altitudes. Locate the fused wire with switch connector included in the kit, and load the Brown, Green, and Yellow wires from the main harness into the 4 pin switch connector. Snap the second wire into the remaining slots making sure the ends are nearly opposite the first wire, as shown in Figure 4 or It is extremely important that the throttle can not stick when the cruise control throttle connection is added.

Try a different position for the cruise control servo cable until you find one that you can open the throttle easily. Is port marked MAN is connected to engine vacuum and the port marked AUX is connected to the vacuum port on the cruise servo?

Speed Sensor Installation Step 6: This generates electrical pulses which are monitored by the cruise control. Loosely wrap the wire to hold it in place. The cruise control will shut its self off if the vehicle speed drops over 10 MPH below Set speed. Murphs CCS controls engine speeds ccs-10 a tachometer signal and engine vacuum to control vehicle speed.


Not all SPDT relays are the same. On a standard manual transmission, the engine will rev up as you shift gears.

The motorcycle taillight brake wire sudiovox of Blue with a Red Stripe before the connector and solid Blue after the connector is for a Kawasaki C14 only. See if your vehicle audiovoz an online forum. The brake wire connection seems to be a common problem area. The orange wire is power for the cruise control. Way too much slack and the cruise may not respond at all and the chance of the bead chain hanging on something increases. After assembly squeeze the slots shut with pliers.

Some have reported problems holding speed at high altitudes with the original CCS due to lower vacuum at high altitudes. Normally the rear brake switch has the easiest access. You can also use a digital VOM to find this wire.

The solution is to tap the brake or audiogox the cruise off before you shift gears. Cruise works but drops too much speed going up hills Same two audiovod reasons for audiovpx You need to set the servo DIP switches inside the servo housing for the cruise to work. Might be a good time to get on to your online vehicle forum and ask for advice. Too much slack and the cruise will be slow to respond.

Audiovox CCS-100 Automobile Accessories User Manual

Try the next lower PPM setting. Got it, continue to print. This softens the effect of higher sensitivity settings. Don’t show me this message again. Find the problem and fix it before you ride your bike. If it works now your PPM setting is too high.


The orange and gray wires from the Cruise Control keypad are connected here The wire on the rear brake switch that normally has 0 Janual DC and then 12 Volts DC when you apply either the front or rear brakes. If you are installing the cruise to a motorcycle, determine where you are mounting ajdiovox cruise control keypad. This is the connection that shuts the cruise off when you press on either brake.

The engine will not rev up ccz-100 way as you shift. While rotating the shaft, carefully snap one wire into one set of magnet slots. If your make and model cannot be located, then the Magnet Kit must be installed.

For these vehicles, use a PPM setting: Kawasaki C14 and Versys are examples. When you press on either brake the Red LED should be continuously lit.


Also note that the motorcycle brake light must be working for the cruise to the cruise to work ccs-00. This is a trial and error process.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Your taillight brake wire color will be different. Cds-100 automobiles, you can use any vacuum source with the exception of the vacuum line running to your power brake booster.