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Just started Athleanx1, I am in week 1 and saw an add pop up for tnt (pick extra body parts for extra $$$) Are they worth doing? Haven’t seen. However, Athlean-X decided to do the opposite by promoting their “direct response .. Athlean TNT = BodyPart Add-On’s To Existing Workouts. Scott Caradice to ATHLEAN-X · November 14, ·. Loving the T.N.T workouts. So far i’ve done the Chest De-containment (Monday) and the Deltoid.

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I have the email to prove it and have posted the exact email on line in part 4 for all to see. What do you guys think? He also has an extensive library of information that he posts for free on youtube. Started with Pull ups — 4 sets to failure with negative hangs in between — I noticed an improvement in my form and reps — things are progressing nicely. Those photos of him with players look very photo shopped as well. But then I started to see that a lot of the stuff he says is BS, he doesn’t really know much.

The secret to curling big weights athhlean more importantly, to unlocking bigger biceps complete with peaks! I would first do Ahlean 1 without TNT’s. Let me help you choose a program program selector. I think it’s just how bad you want it. I do moderate the comments, so don’t waste our time by posting nonsense because it won’t be publicly posted.


Best of luck and keep at it, all the AX’s are great programs! The side lunge row was also a nice finisher for my back as hnt incorporates a lot of core and stability work also.

Jeff is a professional and has obviously put a lot of time and work into his product athlan rightfully so, charges a fee. The Athlean X system does NOT address this distinction nor do they show or tell you how to monitor it.

Don’t be fooled by the flashy sales pitch. When you take off your shirt do you know the first thing people, especially women look at?


A bodybuilding program generally ignores power although it will obviously cross over and only trains mobility to the point of completing ROM on specific lifts. My back workout was very taxing today — I found the pull ups very tough today and did not manage many reps per set. There are plenty of free bodyweight programs online, and I guess if you really wanna try athleanx you could just download the pdf from somewhere.

Athleanx submitted 10 months ago by daggaross. You get a Gym and Home workout version tahlean each TNT muscle group, which is awesome for doing while on holiday or away from the gym ntt a short period of time, or athlesn to mix things up a little. You get out what you put in ultimately. That srs raised red flags. Standing DB Presses, 2.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please ask or if you want to leave a comment or suggestion please do so also. The X-Treme Biceps Blaster from TNT gives you the simple yet powerful exercises tmt focus on nothing but delivering you the incredible bicep muscles you want…while leaving nothing out!


Seating Alternating DB Presses. Still Jeff’s tmt on stuff is pretty over the top. So I start doing some research, and guess what? Just from my point of view. Also if you do add TNT’s you your workout schedule will be 6 days or you can do them on bust training days.


Trust me, save your money and head to the websites I mentioned first and see for yourself. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Hamstring Physioball Bridge circle curls, 5. Originally Posted by bogstalker.

You can’t out-train bad nutrition. Originally Posted by ironwill Ab workout blitz week 5: