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This set of exemplars illustrates the use of the e-asTTle marking rubric to score writing across the writing prompts. The exemplars cover the full scoring range. asTTle Writing Rubric in Student Speak. Created by Clevedon School from asTTle Writing Rubrics. Last updated: Ideas. Learning Intention. The e asTTle framework for assessing writing. Developing the prompts, marking rubric, and annotated exemplars. Extending the usefulness.

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These two exemplars provide jatrix examples of writing that falls within that scoring category for example, category R2 in spelling, or category R6 in ideas. These are available for download after creating a test. This is the most current and correct version of the conversion table and replaces an incorrect version dated “November 14”. These exemplars can be used to check interpretation of individual categories for example, category R2 in spelling, or category R4 in ideas.

Spelling is the focus of a separate element. You will probably notice that students show attle across more than one stage. Astgle levels derived from the use of the conversion table will not correlate with results entered into e-asTTle because prompts in e-asTTle have been calibrated and ranked based on how difficult the prompt and purpose is to write. Each annotated exemplar has been scored using the marking rubric. The Structure and Language notes are specific to a prompt.

If not, look at wriiting exemplars before and after the one you are looking at, to try and find the appropriate stage for your learner. Subscribe to our newsletter and other communication from Evaluation Associates Full Name. You can use the e-asTTle scoring rubrics to assess a prompt you made up.


Ongoing moderation of scoring decisions is necessary to ensure that scoring is consistent and accurate over time.

Matrices, templates and review tools | Evaluation Associates

Find out about how you can accelerate student achievement by improving teacher practice in assessment for learning. More Current and recent projects Evaluation Associates works on a wide range of projects in collaboration with clients and partners.

Home Contact e-asTTle Disclaimer. Mary Chamberlain Company Director. The exemplars cover the full scoring range, and the full range writint skill development, for each element of writing.

Teachers can find many resources to assist them with marking e-asTTle writing. Search all of TKI. This is the booklet which you will use throughout this module.

Please enter your details to download. In the revised e-asTTle writing each element astgle only 6 or 7 scoring categories. There is a link to the generic exemplars on the Mark screen, or you can find them by going to View Existing Tests and choosing Print Options. ELLPthe matrices show some characteristics of writing that learners are likely to produce at different stages. There are 76 exemplars of student Writing, designed to help you make scoring decisions.

Please be aware that if you are downloading documents from our site for the first time you will be asked to supply your contact details for our records.

Matrices, templates and review tools

Search all of TKI. They are provided from across a range of prompts. If they do so, consideration of the following will facilitate accurate use:. Do not be concerned if, for example, a student is at an R6 on one category and an R2 on another. Use the writing matrix to decide which stage each learner is likely to fit into — make a general decision at this stage.

Quick links Assessment Online. Please click on the links below. Teachers are encouraged to use the rubric to assess writing other than that generated by the e-asTTle writing prompts. Features of writing are described in relation to topic development, sentence development and language structures, vocabulary development, script control and editing, spelling and punctuation.


Evaluation Associates consultants are skilled in supporting you to use a range of up-to-date resources, rubrics and self-review tools. It is not the focus of any other element. Rubric scores are converted to scale scores and curriculum levels within the assessment tool.

Category R3 does not translate to curriculum level 3! Scores from the previous rubric will not be able to be entered when the new application goes live.

When you have this information about your own learners, you will be ready to start the next section – Making a ‘best-fit’. The descriptors within each category score are hierarchical and cumulative. Together, the rubric, the exemplars and the annotations enable consistent marking decisions to be made. To assign a category score of R4 in a particular element, the conditions for a score of Writinng in that element must also have been met.

The prompts are available from within the e-asTTle application when you create a test. Each of the 20 writing prompts has its own annotated exemplars specific to that prompt.

Matrices, templates and review tools Evaluation Associates consultants are skilled in supporting you to use a range of up-to-date resources, rubrics and self-review tools. The curriculum scores are a reference point, which link the test performance with the performance level that might reasonably be expected from someone working at that level.