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This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D on. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Mechanical-Shock Fragility of Products , Using Shock Machines. Shock Machine Testing. Shock testing was performed on a shock machine that is in compliance with the following standard: ASTM D −

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It is important to keep damping values the same throughout all portions of the procedures described below. Common practice is to de? The procedure of A4.

ASTM D | Rycobel

It will fail only when it is subjected to even higher level shocks. NOTE 1—The points at which the? The peak acceleration of this shock pulse will often exceed Ac. The accelerometer shall be attached rigidly to the base structure of the product or to the?

The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard. Method A is used when information on drop heights is limited.

ASTM D Foam Test Methods

Instead of designing the cushioning to transmit no more than the critical acceleration Ac, design the cushioning such that it transmits a shock pulse with an SRS of less than Sc lies below Sc at every frequency on the SRS plot. Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.


This fragility information may be used in designing shipping containers for transporting the products.

Method B is used when drop heights are known with great certainty. That is, it may d3332 possible to design the cushion to transmit a somewhat higher acceleration yet still not cause damage to the product. If zero damping is speci? Tp 5 maximum shock test machine pulse duration in ms, and f c 5 component natural frequency in Hz. Alternatively, it can be measured by photodiode-type devices that measure shock table impact and rebound velocity.

In addition, Test Methods D and E also describe this procedure. Shock Response Spectrum SRS analysis can provide a tool for safely reducing the amount of conservatism. To avoid inconclusive test results, the critical acceleration test is conducted at velocity changes at least two times the critical velocity change of the product.

The instrumentation system shall have sufficient response to permit measurements in the following ranges. Government Printing Office,pp. The machine is set to attain a velocity change which exceeds the minimum required to damage the product, but at astn very low acceleration level.

ASTM D3332 Foam Test Methods

In this way, the rounded region of the damage boundary is avoided. Acceptable increment size is in? A research report5 describes an interlaboratory test program of three types of items in packages for a critical velocity change shock test.

Then, when the carriage is dropped, the product is examined for product damage.


ASTM D3332

This fragility information may be used in designing shipping containers for transporting the products. It may also be used to improve product ruggedness.

Examples of unpackaged product handling are movement of the? Calculation that assumes the shock pulse to be a perfect geometric? Most products are not affected by this multiplicity of tests.

For most products, the damage boundary will be different for each direction in which the shock occurs. A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. For example, if a half sine shock pulse waveform is used, a deeply scalloped critical acceleration line is produced and the test data become meaningless. It may also be used to improve product ruggedness.

Drop height control shall be provided to permit reproducibility within d3332 Unit or consumer packages, which are wstm within an outer container, are considered to be the product for the xstm of these test methods.

Site design by Softnet. Since they are relatively easy to control, shock pulses having a half sine shock waveform are normally used. A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. If the product is complex, usually some sub-element of the product will fail?

Shock pulses having values outside the shaded area will not damage the product.