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Robert R. Leonhard. · Rating details · ratings · 6 reviews. The Art of Maneuver is an important theoretical study of an issue that is currently the subject of. Praise for The Art of Maneuver“Robert Leonhard is one of a number of prominent young military writers, like Daniel Bolger, John Antal, Bruce. Examines how maneuver-warfare theory has been applied in military Art of Maneuver: Maneuver-Warfare Theory and Airland Battle Robert R. Leonhard.

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I was considered a bit weird and an outsider for being well-read on strategy and tactics both by my peers and superiors. Thanks for telling us about the problem. He… More about Robert Leonhard.

Presidio Press January 16, Publication Date: Reveals some of deep problems with our military, showing how social conventions and ego have more impact on professional military organizations than anything else. A modern classic of military theory.

Can we perhaps detect his sanguinary presence in our army today? The prose could have been tightened up, and more than half the discussion in the book removed as irrelevant. Summers accountthe invasion of Iraq, etc. Back cover copy The Art of Maneuver is an important theoretical study of an issue that is currently the subject of much discussion in professional military journals and symposia.

He lives in Morgantown, West Virginia. The Best Books of A similar mind-set was operative as recently as Operation Just Cause, the U. He never proposes an alternative to the AirLand battle, only criticizes it because it veers from the maneuver warfare paradigm.


Our leaders, junior and senior alike, should find this book well worth reading and contemplating.

I’m going to get Bill Lind’s book and perhaps look around for some additional references to broaden my knowledge. Our Books Recommended Books.

The Art of Maneuver by Robert Leonhard | : Books

Before I throw Col. Virtually every effort—whether designing new vehicles, improving weapons or qrt, developing new tactical concepts, or training officers—seems bent on fighting toe-to-toe with a prepared enemy, leaning into his strength, and outlasting him rather than outthinking him.

If you are a young soldier trying to learn more, an academic studying military science, or just someone who’s interested in military strategy; I recommend picking this up.

NK Finney rated it really liked it Dec 31, Everything that I learned from this book can be discerned in about 10 minutes by reading the Wikipedia entry on maneuver warfare. Among the most approachable books on maneuver warfare.

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The Art of Maneuver: Maneuver Warfare Theory and Airland Battle. Just as Liddel Hart is still relevant today, so is Leonhard’s book.

Jan 16, Pages Buy. Existoid rated it it was amazing Jun 03, In one volume, the author offers trenchant, exciting, and masterful perspective on victory in modern warfare. See all books by Robert Leonhard.

Leonhard’s personal rantings about shortcomings in Army training, doctrine, AirLand battle, etc. Kevin rated it really liked it Jan 29, I have drawn upon many sources for this chapter, and in some instances I will suggest some new ideas. Brod McMurdo rated it really liked it Sep 07, Leonhard found well the main principles of maneuver warfare. In reply he wrote: One of the other reviewers states that this book is a tough read, but contains a great deal of info. Each side was meticulous about giving the enemy the best opportunity to prepare for the battle.


Brilliant critique of modern US Army maneuver warfare doctrine. The author takes a fresh, unbiased look at mqneuver soldiers consider the maneuver-oriented American army and finds that we do not understand the importance of maneuver as classical writers on the subject going back to Sun Tzu have understood it.

Don’t expect to blast through it. As an example of the latter phenomenon answers versus questionshe goes to great length to explain the historical development of AirLand battle and how it was a response to the Roberr threat to Western Europe. Plenty of history and philosophy too. Leonhard Snippet view – Stay in Touch Sign up. Do we hear his priests chanting arh we listen to the latest versions of our fighting doctrine being preached? This robfrt is not yet featured on Listopia.

Od book made me hope that there were others out there who thought being an officer meant more than having a great PT score. With a mqneuver for apt analogy he shows how our obsession with loenhard and winning set-piece battles causes us to overlook an enemy’s true vulnerabilities.

Thankfully, Huitzicoatl is dead—or is he? Therefore, this chapter is devoted to defining terms and concepts to be used throughout the remainder of the ronert. Dispatched from the UK in 11 business days When will my order arrive?

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