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Global Tech I, for which the group will supply 80 M wind turbines, is the only offshore wind project to have raised debt financing in excess. AREVA Wind proudly unveiled the latest product extension of its M product platform: the M Specification of Offshore Wind Turbine M, Areva Wind, Information includes Operating Data, Rotor, Power Regulation, Electrical Data, Gearbix, Blades.

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As well as investing in our technologies, we are committed to investing in the future of extraordinary people like you Stay signed in for 30 days. These wind farms are expected to serve the electricity requirements of several million people for an average duration of 30 years. His arrival came in the aftermath of another quality control failure in in connection with two gearboxes out of six Areva machines at the Alpha Ventus test offshore station in Germany.

Areva Blades production facility is in Stade, near Hamburg, where the Areva nuclear division is dismantling a nuclear power station. The turbine was one of the first turbines with journal bearings in the gearbox, known for their compactness and long lifetime, high-load bearing capability and resistance to impact loads. Retrieved 13 June How Dong achieved a landmark strike price Analysis: Areva Blades is the exclusive manufacturer of blades for Areva’s 5MW offshore turbine. The new m rotor diameter, combined with a light design and an improved nacelle, reduces the cost of energy while maximizing customer revenues.

Analysis – Areva quiet on Huby replacement | Windpower Offshore

This could delay or even jeopardise Areva Wind’s supply of turbines to Windreich’s 80 turbine MEG 1 offshore station project, which had hoped to reach financial close in June This project is also located on the North Sea close to the alpha ardva test field.


The nacelle is assembled onshore by qualified technicians from AREVA Wind, so that it can be lifted offshore onto the tower as a complete unit. When Windpower Monthly questioned Trianel on whether there is a problem with component defects, the developer said to ask Areva.

Three additional onshore turbines were installed in in order to develop expertise with tripods, large hub heights, erection, lifting equipment, logistics and serial manufacturing. With the slowdown in German offshore wind and Areva’s announcements in November on planned new assembly works in France and Scotland to deliver to offshore projects in France, the UK or Belgium, the future of the Bremerhaven assembly works could start to look precarious if no new contracts are awarded soon.

Jean Huby became chief executive officer at Areva Wind and executive vice president of the wind unit at Areva Renewables in Hamburg, Germany, in May This saves time and costs and guarantees a high degree of safety. Gamesa and AREVA signed binding agreements for the creation of a joint venture in the promising offshore wind This relatively low weight facilitates the transport and erection of the turbines; a crucial factor when working on the open sea.

The first prototype was installed in Careful quality control and Areva’s worldwide unique 10, PS teststand bring further quality security,” Windreich said. Views Read N5000 View history.

VIDEO: AREVA M Offshore Wind Turbine | Offshore Wind

The issue came to light in Areva’s half year report, released 24 Julyof a supplier’s warning regarding “the possibility of defects in components used in the manufacture of wind turbines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Contact Legal notice Cookies Policy. Afeva company designs, assembles, installs and commissions 5-Megawatt wind turbines for offshore wind farmsa growing international industry. Register now to enjoy more articles and free email bulletins.

Analysis – Areva quiet on Huby replacement

Despite Windreich’s assertion about the Areva’s Bremerhaven turbine assembly using “almost exclusively German components”, the company could plan to shift the bulk of its manufacturing to France.

Also adding to Areva’s uncertainties, if Balz sells Baltic Eagle and Ostseeschatz, the sreva agreement with Balz could be torn up by the new owner. The hub height is 90 m LATand the diameter of the rotor is m. Areva’s M was the offshore turbine of the year [30]. The design of the M turbine, which is exclusively designed for offshore conditions, is a unique hybrid drive solution combining best-in-class quality standards and unique offshore services to meet customer needs.

For the time being, the Bremerhaven works is busy with supplying 80 turbines to the Global Tech 1 project and 40 to the Trianel wind arevq Borkum also known as Borkum West 2 phase oneboth now in the installation phase. Meantime, Germany’s offshore sector is floundering in the doldrums which does not bode well for Areva Wind’s Bremerhaven assembly works.

Areva Wind is a subsidiary of Arevaa French nuclear company. The M is a patented turbine concept, which was first introduced in by German engineering consultancy Aerodyn.