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CARE AND DISPOSITION OF REMAINS AND DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL EFFECTS. Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering AR Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects [ United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Constant surveillance is necessary for top performance. Chapters 11, 13 6. The place to which remains can be shipped at U. Temporarily interred remains will be disinterred and evacuated during Concurrent Return Operations as conditions.

When the PADD handles all funeral arrangements:. In all problem areas, close coordination will be maintained between the parent Service and Army commanders. Costs for services, merchandise, transportation, and interment of remains are the responsibility of the PADD when—. When a foreign military trainee FMT under sponsorship of the Security Assistance Training Program dies while training at an Army school or installation in the United States, contact the installation allied training officer for guidance and follow the procedures below:.

For military prisoners inmates that have been discharged; the following exceptions apply:. Flag, grave decorating 12 by 18 inches national stock number NSN —00—— Death of other United States agency-sponsored foreign military trainees.

The contract does not include services or merchandise not required by the U. Chapters 2, 4, 8, 9, 11 3, 12, 13, 15 3.

For example, no single person should be able to bill, collect, disburse, and account for a transaction. The CAC indicates on the form the condition of the remains and all means used to establish the identity of the remains. When the person highest in the order listed in paragraphs 4—4 a 1 through 11 declines writing to direct the dispo.

If appropriate clothing, insignia, and ribbons for military uniforms are not available in at an OCONUS location, notify the receiving CAC or port mortuary by email or telephonically. This round-trip is in addition to the interment ceremony and must be completed within 2 years following the Soldier’s death. If the mortician must travel to the place of death to perform normal duties, per diem and transportation charges will not be charged. The CAC responsible for the area in which the remains are disembarked will arrange for mortuary services.


The statute defines dependents as: Classification of defects for solid hardwood urns, page Individual deceased personnel file.

Under no circumstances will an employee or member of a Army suggest a specific funeral home or establishment. Support CAOs providing death investigation and fatality report updates and briefings. Further, if it is determined that an established “group” identified within this regulation, later takes on the characteristics of a committee, as found in the AR 15—1, then the proponent will follow all AR 15—1 requirements for establishing and continuing the group as a committee.

Methods and means used to establish identification will be documented carefully and accurately see para 8— Government-sponsored travel to attend the funeral of a deceased Soldier.

AR Army Mortuary Affairs Program

In a travel status at the time of death away from his or her official station within the United Ad or. The Chiefs, CACs will—. The PADD can only be disqualified in accordance with the criteria found in paragraph 4—8. Final divorce 68-2 annulment decrees issued by a civil court are required to disqualify a spouse as the PADD.

Dies while a properly admitted inpatient see glossary of a medical facility of the Armed Forces located in the United States. Remains and portions of remains associated with the Vietnam conflict received by the JPAC from any source, re. Department of State will obtain disposition of remains instructions and collect payment in advance for the mortuary services requested. When condition of the remains does not permit dressing, clothing will be placed on the remains as prescribed in paragraph 2—20 f.


Mortuary affairs benefits for EPW and civilian internee are located in table 2—1. Clothing authorized for interment of eligible civilian personnel consists of suitable outer cloth.

Clothing see para 2— Truck, Casket Steel Utility Type. Civilian employee see para.

Payment to funeral director. This regulation describes the Army Mortuary Affairs Program; sets policies and responsibilities for operating the Army Current Death Program worldwide; covers search for, recovery, tentative identification, preparation, and disposition of remains and assistance to eligible Family members of persons for whom the Army is responsible by statutes and executive orders; and sets policies and responsibilities for the disposition of personal effects PE.

Should the Soldier subsequently marry and be survived by a spouse, the provisions of paragraph 4—4 a 1 will apply. Determination by CDR, HRC AHRC—PDC of whether the decedent has been declared a deserter and dropped from the rolls of his or her organization before the date of death xr absolutely essential before any funds are obligated for payment for preparation of remains or payment of interment allowance by the Army.

Burial permits, licenses, wr associated fees. Each completed case will fall into one of the categories shown below.

AR 638-2 Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects

Cost for preparation of remains and 6382- suitable casket will be negotiated and obtained at the most reasonable cost by. Military prisoners inmates who have not been discharged, and die or are executed while in U. United States Army Reserve Soldiers.