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In seven patients undergoing right hemicolectomy for benign or malignant diseases, latero-lateral end anastomoses were made using stapling devices. or malignant diseases, latero-lateral end anastomoses were made using stapl- anastomosis using stapling devices for right hemicolectomy is a safe and rapid. Abordaje paso a paso para la anastomosis isoperistáltica laterolateral del Laparoscopic colorectal resection for anastomotic stricture following reversal of.

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Acknowledgements The authors thank the graphic designer Jorge Luiz Carlos Ferreira for adapting the illustrations. This weight loss is maintained for more than two years as demonstrated by the long-term follow-up of Mini Gastric Bypass laferal since the size of the gastric pouch and the site of intestinal anastomosis with the intestine aproximately 2 m from the angle of Treitz is the same as in this procedure.

Latero-lateral end anastomosis for right hemicolectomy using staplers – Semantic Scholar

Furthermore, these differences could explain the results reported by Rutledge. Laparoscopic transhiatal subtotal esophagectomy for the treatment of advanced megaesophagus.

Their results using the stapler in a laterolateral suture fashion were satisfactory in reducing the rate of stenosis. The second trocar 12 mm is positioned 5 cm to the right side of the first, and at the same level.

One anastomosis gastric bypass: Three trocar sigmoidectomy for diverticulitis with transanal extraction.

Can laparoscopic surgery for the management of colorectal cancer be laeral by any GI surgeon? Randomized prospective evaluation of the EEA stapler for colorectal anastomoses.

As can be observed, the gastro-jejunal anastomosis is performed latero-laterally instead of termino-laterally. Surg Endosc What is the learning strategy to be able to perform laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer? A new, precise, and rapid technique of intestinal resection and anastomosis with staples. Errors and pitfalls in stapling gastrointestinal tract anastomoses.

Latero-lateral end anastomosis for right hemicolectomy using staplers

The value of preoperative parenteral administration of Cefotaxim for prevention of postoperative wound infection in patients with colorectal cancer. Showing of 13 references.


We present our technique for totally laparoscopic right colectomy for locally advanced colon cancer with transvaginal specimen extraction. Gastrostomy is performed on the anterior wall of the stomach with electrocautery, 1cm in length, enough to fit the lower blade of the stapler, at least 3cm in length, to get a good anastomotic mouth.

The aim of this study is to disseminate the technique from Orringer et al. In this key lecture, Dr. In this interesting lecture, Professor Francesco Corcione presents his personal experience in left laparoscopic colectomy and shows videos with specific laparoscopic accidents and their treatment.

Latero-lateral end anastomosis for right hemicolectomy using staplers.

Skip to search form Skip to main content. Adjustment of lateroo two blades and firing of the stapler with slight tilt to the right.

The modification of the original procedure consists of making a latero-lateral gastro-jejunal anastomosis instead of a termino-lateral anastomosis, as is carried out as described in the original procedure. Randomized trial comparing side-to-side stapled and hand-sewn esophagogastric anastomosis in neck.

Obes Surg9: Twenty four hours after the operation we perform a radiological contrast study oral gastrograffin to check that the pouch and anastomosis is not leaking. Obes Surg Gastric bypass in obesity. With the help of a “grasp”, we approximate the jejunal loop to the gastric pouch. Suture in three points between the seromuscular layer of the stomach and esophageal muscle in both sides Figure 3.

The specimen was 52cm in length and contained a 3. Then, we commence the vertical stomach tran-section which progresses until the esophageal-gastric junction has been reached, using a 1 cm nasogastric tube placed in the lesser curvature of the stomach, as a guide.

The gastric and jejunal holes are closed using 4 to 6 sutures. The combination of laparoscopy and specimen extraction through a natural orifice has the potential to decrease wound complications and to improve postoperative recovery. Abdominal wound closure techniques.

In this latrro, a laparoscopic three-port technique is performed: Once the cervical access is completed, with the dissected esophagus and stomach wholesome or tubularized ready to be transposed, we continued performing: Laterap of the surgeon, hospital volume, and learning curves are becoming increasingly more important to maximize patient safety, surgeon expertise, and cost-effectiveness.


However, the dramatic metabolic consequences 1,2 indicated the necessity to develop less aggressive, but still efficient, surgical procedures to bring about a loss of weight. The objective of this film is to demonstrate the anasotmosis of specimen extraction of a sigmoid diverticulitis transanally with reduction of abdominal openings that may sometimes induce incisional hernias and postoperative pain. Diverticulosis of the left colon is an inflammatory benign disease associated with unpleasant morbidity which lead to pneumaturia and repetitive urinary infection.

Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: The different approaches that have been developed during the years aimed to minimise the operative trauma and optimise the long term nutritional and metabolic consequences.

Mechanical cervical esophagogastric laterolateral anastomosis after esophagectomies

Can we reduce complications in laparoscopic colorectal surgery? Bekavac-Beslin M, Halkic N: Some surgeons were concerned that patients who were subjected to a Billorth II procedure as laterl as those undergoing other procedures for peptic ulcer disease such as vagotomy had a risk of 0.

The rationale for these changes is to try to reduce exposure of the gastric mucosa to biliopancreatic secretions because of their potentially carcinogenic effects with longer term exposure, which is the major criticism of the original technique. We carry out a manual, continuous, anchored reinforcement suture with polyglecaprone; 3- release of the remaining esophageal stump until its posterior wall lies lztero the anterior wall of the stomach, somewhat redundant, so that there is no tension in the anastomosis when traction is applied to the reconstituted structure; 4- repair of esophageal edges.

How to mobilize the left colonic flexure. Laparoscopic laterk silicone gastric banding in the treatment of morbid obesity: The first step consists of preparing a hole in the gastric fundus at the esophago-gastric junction.

InCollard et al.