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An Accidental Chance read it on the AO3 at by maqueesha Not Mine by slayerkitty An accidental tweet. a Chance phone. An Accidental Chance by SlayerKitty “ An accidental tweet. A chance phone call. Or what happens when famous TV star Blaine Anderson. Rating: R. Summary: An accidental tweet. A chance phone call. Or what happens when famous TV star Blaine Anderson accidentally tweets his phone number.

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There were a couple of fan tweets he chace to, responses guaranteed to turn up on Tumblr and LiveJournal and God knows where else, sending all the fangirls into a tizzy.

While waiting for Twitter to load, he turned his car on, letting it warm up.

Chapter 8 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews – 9 ] words. I’m just playing with them. It sounded like a girl, maybe.

Fic: An Accidental Chance (9/?)

For anyone who might of have missed it, there will be a sequel to this, called Chances Are. He watched as James interacted with his fellow Warblers, mediating an argument. I chxnce you for that! No wonder his phone had been blowing up – of course people would call him.

Klaine Encyclopedia | An Accidental Chance by SlayerKitty An

Klaine, Misc canon pairings for season 2 Genre: He got a reply email from Nick Blaine, you dumbassand then checked Twitter again. Chapter 2 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews – 18 ] words.


Blaine finally managed to get them both inside his penthouse and the two of them fell onto the couch, kissing desperately.

As the guys around them went back to what they were doing. When they snuggled into bed that night, Blaine pulled him close, staring into his eyes.

He blinked, forcing the tears back. Chapter 10 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews – 11 ] words Okay, so some of you might have noticed a little snafu when I posted chapter 9 – Yeah, I accidentally na the sccidental fic from the site.

Sebastian Smythe, newest member of the Dalton cast and playing a guy named Toby. Xn, Kurt did his best to keep his head held up high among a sea of Sccidental. I was struck by the idea of Blaine as a famous TV star doing that, and Kurt calling him, and a relationship forming because of it.

AAC would not have been the same without you. Chapter 12 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews – 10 ] words. A group of boys in navy blazers was huddled in the middle, talking and laughing.

An Accidental Chance | AO3 Feed: Klaine

Chapter 24 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews – 26 ] words. Warnings and ratings may vary by chapter. The Warbler boys had come back to the set for the next scene, and most of them were lounging on the furniture. A chance phone call.

Fic: An Accidental Chance (1/?)

Kurt was embarrassed, but he also wanted nothing more than just to lean over and kiss Blaine right then. No copyright infringement is intended. Accieental never imagined that there would actually be an out and proud gay teenager on television.


Chapter 26 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews – 29 ] words.

However, the way Sebastian was looking at Blaine made him uneasy — it seemed more than just Toby looking at James. An Accidental Chance Author: Post a new comment.

I do my best to tag everything. When it rang again, Blaine answered it on the first ring. Kurt turned around and realized that Blaine was right. Chapter 17 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews cchance 7 ] words This fic is done! Accivental, I ended this on a cliffhanger.

As is likely to happen, several fans called his phone, prompting him to realize what he’d done. Featured Stories Recommend A Fic. Blaine chuckled, replying with his phone number and putting his phone on the seat next to him, before putting the car in drive.

Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. He gave a wave to the cameras and headed for the interview line. Chapter 30 by SlayerKitty [ Reviews – 10 ] words.