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Thomas J. Misa (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, IEEE Computer Society, ), 51–71; Nathan Karol Horváth, “Osobný mikropočítač PP,” Amatérské Radio, 35, no. Amaterske radio г.г. “Amaterske radio” – журнал об электронной аппаратуре и разных электронных . Amaterske radio ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jan M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv- fax].zip Jul M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jul

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Activities will however only be possible after the authorization has actually been signed. Here is a summary of the discussions and actions. All of these topics may be described as “works in progress” within Amatedske Group 1.

Archiv zpráv ze světa – | Český radioklub

The judges and log-checkers recommend that in future WRTCs, all “uniques” should be removed from logs without penalty and that this policy should be announced in advance. Free online library on electronics A Radio. More technologies are being developed or have become available already. This is one of the reasons why more and more Amateur Radio operators, through their clubs and their national societies, prepare very seriously for their role in emergencies.

A century ago, radio – then called wireless – was amazing the world. Lithuanian Radio Amateur Society needs your help regarding 13cm band developing in our country.

Index of /ARCHIVES/R/”Radio”

The Fessenden station, located at Brant Rock, Massachusetts, USA, is said to have operated on a frequency of about 88 kHz using an alternator with a maximum power output of about watts. The contributions of retiring Directors Y. Administrative Council news release.

Frequency limit Khz. With 57 affirmative votes required for adoption, the votes were as follows:. Dead bodies all over the place, dead bodies buried. Suggested Phone Operating Frequencies: We no doubt will face many issues in the run up to the World Radiocommunication Conference WRCbut I look forward to working as a team to meet the challenges ahead. The lists referenced in the text of the rule can be viewed at the following Web sites: An APRS map at the bottom of the web pages shows you our position.


It attempts to provide guidance to administrations dealing with domestic BPL installations that may cause interference to radiocommunications services, and at amaherske same time notes the Report below that gives examples of such interference. On amtaerske other hand, allowing “phantom QSOs,” once detected as such, to be credited also would be inappropriate and would make the whole WRTC event pointless.

Some work also was done on a new ITU Handbook for the amateur services; it is hoped that work on the Handbook can be completed at the next meeting of WP 8A in June Those regulations, which since have amateeske expanded and revised by numerous radio conferences, are now known as the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union ITUor simply as the Radio Regulations. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit.

Robespierre-B is a school for boys and girls comprising 10 classes, ranging from 1st grade to 5th grade, with a total of children, aged from 6 to No doubt a few of these were valid QSOs others are busted calls where there is insufficient evidence to label them as busted. DARC – obvod Brandenburg je zastoupen na 3. Tognolatti for its exquisite and effective cooperation.

What could be our arguments, actions, raeio Just as we did on our Dayton hamvention event, we will be giving prizes to lucky viewer this year. Promoting and preserving amateur radio is the mainstay of the IARU. There are more than 40 proposals for future agenda items, which is at least twice as many as are likely to be approved, so the fate of “our” future agenda items remains to be determined.

  AT HD570 PDF

Italian amateur radio MHz experimental campaign. Calling “CQ” on the amateur shortwave bands can result in a contact with other amateurs across town or far across the oceans. The special experimental license is for a period of one year only.

Archiv zpráv ze světa 2006 – 2010

The AC has at its disposal a number of expert consultants and technical representatives and relies heavily on such volunteer experts and technical representatives.

The societies in Region 2 felt there was a need for a process of collecting donations and distributing donations to Region 2 Member Societies who have suffered damage to their national society stations or buildings that are due to natural disaster. I have put the same information on top of our web pages where we post visitors licencing information http: The budget was revised, and the working procedures of the Region were reviewed. Needs special permit from MOC.

When I was first elected to this position, I provided the AC members with my view of our goals for The timing of these meetings is not coincidental. In this case QSL cards are not required. Stations that can support the following will be given special consideration, but these items are not required:. If the intent of the “phantoms” was to hurt the PT5L entry they certainly succeeded; the operators spent more than two hours working stations for which they received no credit.