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“DM Pro”, “DM5”, “QS8” and “QS” are trademarks of Alesis Studio Electronics, Inc. Selected material for this manual was imported from the Alesis DM5TM and. Alesis DM5 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alesis DM5 Reference Manual, Quick Start Owner’s Manual, Supplementary Manual, Quick Reference. View and Download Alesis DM5 reference manual online. High Sample Rate 18 Bit drum Drums Alesis DM5Pro Kit Quickstart Assembly Manual. (12 pages).

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Drum Set The classic use of this is with hi-hats; a closed high-hat will cut off an open hi-hat, and hitting an open hi-hat sound will cut off a closed hi-hat. Output button – selects which outputs the selected Voice will mnaual sent to.

In the mids, microcomputers became inexpensive enough to be built into consumer-priced musical instruments. These tips will help you get started with a step in the right direction. If the sequencer is echoing back what it receives from the DM5, it is not necessary for the external triggers to directly play the DM5, since this would result in each note being played twice once by the trigger and then again when the note is echoed back by the sequencer. Placement of the trigger should be on the players side of the drum, within a lug or two of where the stick would hit if you played prp rimshot.

Your First Session with the DM5.

ALESIS DM5 User Manual

The Store Button Example: You can use either a normally closed or normally open momentary contact footswitch. Trigger Note Assignment Example: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Midi Note Range Chapter 4: Don’t have an account? Page 10 Obtaining Repair Service With some experimentation and time, you should be able to find the right combination.


For more information about setting up the External Alessis parameters in the DM5, see manuual 18 through 22, and Chapter 6. This is the signal strength that the transducer is sending to the triggers in the DM5. To listen to the.

Cursor buttons – allow you to select any parameter on a page or menu. These can provide an amplification system or mixer with several different audio hookup options: What’s A Drum Set When you select a Drum Set, all of its sounds and parameter settings are recalled to recreate the original kit.

Alesis DM5 Manuals

Preview button – plays the currently selected voice. Some of the key features of the DM5 include:. Before the DM5 will play this softer signal, it will scan the other inputs to determine whether this was a legitimate hit, or simply a vibration from a stand or head.

Page 58 Chapter 6: This data can go to another DM5 or to a MIDI system exclusive storage device, a computer running System Exclusive storage software, or a musical instrument capable of recording System Exclusive data. In our Crosstalk scenario we will use two pads, a snare pad and the tom 1 pad, both mounted on xlesis single stand. Reading The Display When a trigger is struck lightly, the level indicator aleesis move only slightly from left to right.

Drum Set 18 uses a different set of default note numbers. This is a supplement to the manual designed to quickly get you up and running with. Page 56 Placement of the trigger should be on the players side of the drum, within a lug or two of where the stick would hit if you played a pri.

Got it, continue mannual print. When selecting lower values, very soft signals hits will trigger the DM5. DM5s in a chain as you like to accomodate your needs.


Each note is assigned a voice. Disconnect any cables connected to the MIDI IN jack, and make sure that a sequencer or keyboard is not sending messages to the DM5 that would make it behave erratically such as a long stream of pitch bend messages on 16 channels simultaneously. The DM5 provides up to 21 internal Drum Sets. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Upon power-up, ddm5 DM5 will recall the last selected Drum Set, and will display the page that was last selected.

Muffling Always check to be certain that none of your stands or drums are leaning up against, or touching any other drums or piece of hardware.


High-definition drum module with manuxl articulation 48 pages. Decay You can use either a normally closed or normally open momentary contact footswitch.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Refer to Chapter 4 for more information about editing. The Noise floor is the signal level threshold a vibration or sound must exceed before it can pr a drum sound. This is important if you are upgrading from a D4 to the DM5, since you can transfer the Trigger Setup information instead of setting it up manually from scratch.

Overview is on the same MIDI channel as the Em5 and if the sending note is within the note range of the currently selected drum kit. Otherwise, some of the sound from one drum will leak into the other output. Determines how a drum sound or group of drum sounds will GROUP respond to successive series of triggers.